What are some things wrong in the process of retail business

will do business with all sorts of people, the process will naturally things constantly, many shop owners due to treatment of the improper, there may miss very many customers, resulting in the shop business is affected. In fact, the daily business process, retail customers will encounter a variety of people. When dealing with, attention must be paid to the principle and art of interpersonal relationships, especially in attitudes, emotions and values and other details, should pay attention to the three "intolerable".

is a bad manners. Any one of the consumers encountered a stiff attitude of the owner, will be depressed to anger: "in his shop to buy things like he owed money, and later will not go to his shop to buy things." Because the owner of the rigid attitude, the loss of a few customers. So, in the course of the business, the store clerk should always pay attention to their words and deeds, not because of bad attitude, to leave a bad impression on the customer, resulting in the loss of customers, but also to store image greatly reduced.

two is not bad relationship. In the cigarette business, should be equally familiar stranger. As an old saying goes, "well". When the owner give VIP discount when unknown stranger would think by the unfair treatment, resulting in "inferior" illusion. This will make people pay attention to the feeling is as clear as noonday consumption, "bully", "stranger that hate you for life". Since then, the owner was not reasonable, favour one more than another "bad guy in the eyes of the stranger".

three is all the money it. Shop for what? In order to make money, but not entirely! Wine is willing to have a good ad – wisdom of life, taste willing. This means that smart people know how to give up, willing to give up have to have! All the money to the interests of human beings or ugliness which is just the business business actually reach the acme of perfection, bridge, a bridge for consumer products to provide, including small profit interests, only the process, not the purpose.

famous real estate enterprises Vanke Mister Wang Shi has a very well-known rules, more than 25% of the profits do not do". The implication is that, whether to do business, or to do business, short-term profits is like drinking poison to quench thirst, extreme expansion of people’s desire for money at the same time, more than one step at a time — "dry off" to earn hard cash. In fact, the old saying goes, "hard money"". Besides the retail cigarette mostly one-sided pursuit of high profits, business with a small capital, will the loss of customers, and leave a bad impression of profit from.

what to do, what not to do, whether it is life, or to do business, every line of every industry has its own requirements, if we want to get a better living in this industry, there are naturally more attention we need to pay attention. So, if you are a retail store owner, the above three things, you will pay attention to it?

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