How to join the town

Hu soup this is a popular delicacy in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area project, the origin has been controversial, of course, delicacy share, there is no need for a source, we must say that today is Henan, Henan Henan Road, of course, will have to mention Henan Hu soup brand.


said that the market to accommodate so many of the spicy soup franchise, but the eldest brother Hu soup shop was quickly spread in Henan. Insiders believe that the Henan Hu soup market was just dug 1/5, most of the rest of the market will be occupied who? This is not only depends on the strategic direction of market participants, but also depends on their courage. In the past extensive management and low price competition has been faced with strong competition, a new round of development and upgrading will bring a revolution in the Hu La soup market.

Henan spicy soup to join which good

Henan is now almost every day there is a new Hu soup shop opened, and the market has more than 10000 stores at least, across the country, because we all see, the breakfast demand is strong, the market."

Xiaoyao Zhen Hu soup has been integrated into the Henan people’s blood both seasons, regardless of age, as long as the breakfast time, every street in Zhengzhou will be staged almost the same scene, that is people lined up to drink Hu soup. Hu soup, can be said to have been rooted in Henan’s blood, and even some people travel abroad for several months, the train, not going straight home, but to find a Hu hot soup shop, drink a bowl to satisfy again.

from 3 to a bowl of a bowl of a bowl of $5, Xiaoyao Hu began to brand

drank more than a decade of Hu spicy soup, began to put on a fashion coat, in the Henan market, there is a new force is emerging in an attempt to Hu Soup Market revolution. Small Hu soup growing appetite, but changed to the brand, standardization, strengthen their internal and external, also began to Western-style food learning, put on the cloak of fashion, become more perfect in appearance.

Xiaoyao Zhen Hu Tang joined

2005, the original operating in Henan Zhengzhou Hu soup stores xiaoyaozhen Hu soup of Comrade Gao Panfeng, to start from the old Hu soup limited operation, convenient popularization, difficult to let people want to drink whenever and wherever possible, then change the mode of operation. Back to the town of Henan Xiaoyao home, set up factories, professional industrial production convenient Hu spicy soup. To boil soup Hu Hu hot soup conveniently thousands of households and other operators, so that people truly homes, can drink authentic Henan xiaoyaozhen Hu soup.

held in Xihua, China in April 23, 2006, the feast of spicy soup food festival

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