The cat meat how to join the brand

young people in the pursuit of food are the characteristics of food and beverage, even if it is to eat barbecue also have their own tastes of young people, for example, they are very fond of cat scratch barbecue. The cat meat is now young people’s favorite features of cat barbecue barbecue, authentic dishes in South Korea which is based on the practice, bring healthy Korean authentic barbecue for the customer, the cat meat was established in 2004, because of its delicious taste, taste authentic, cook all from Yu Han’s first-class cuisine, good taste. Let the customer


cat scratch barbecue brand join? What support? What are the advantages?

cat barbecue barbecue support:

1, management support

personnel management, training management, employee motivation, administrative management, report management, accounting, business analysis, risk management, marketing management, PR shop operation management, operation management, retail outlets performance management assessment, warehouse management, procurement management, inventory management and other operations;

2, marketing support

brand image, corporate culture support, advertising support, promotion of public relations activities support, information systems support, marketing support, etc.;

3, training support

product knowledge, management, human resources, sales skills, customer service, customer satisfaction, promotion and activities, customer management, etc.;

4, information support

national distribution , the national collaboration platform, enterprise portal promotion.

cat barbecue barbecue advantage:

1, brand advantage

you can use the cat’s grasp of the intellectual property rights of cat scratch in the area of cat scratch. Including: domain name, logo, name, trademark and other legitimate business activities, highlighting your franchise is a national chain, which is a symbol of your strength, but also the protection of consumer trust.

2, product advantages

cat scratch barbecue products have been recognized by numerous consumers, the market prospects are widely optimistic.

3, technical advantages

cat scratch barbecue headquarters for different markets, continue to carry out technology, new marketing means free of charge to help franchisees get more benefits.

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