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in order to improve their quality of service, to attract more customers, and now the owner from the customer began to warm hospitality. In short, we treat customers like fire like passion, this is thousands of years of business can not subvert the truth, but not the most basic standard of our customer service, also the importance of clear warm service.

since entering the retail industry, I always follow the principle of enthusiasm to meet every customer. Customers just went to the shop door, no matter what I do will put down the things on hand, stand up and greet customers. And then with his eyes and feet moving, and I will try to ask what they need, and according to their own business knowledge, to promote their products. The key is to let the customer understand the physical indexes, products and local consumption habits, such as brand, let them make their final choice in contrast, not only saves the selected time, but also to meet the different needs of consumers.

however, an embarrassing personal experience, let me have a new understanding of the reception of customers. One day I was cleaning the shop, a customer came over, I quickly put down the cloth to greet, the customer did not speak, did not reveal any expression. I thought he did not hear, and asked: "what do you want to buy?" Still no reply.

his eyes began to search around, and finally stay in the 40 yuan hard box Yellow Crane Tower treasures. "Do you want to buy a bag of hard treasures?" I took the opportunity to ask. "Are you annoying? I’m not going to tell you? I’m afraid I stole your stuff? Do not buy." Said the side of the head did not go back. I was this "chain gun" earthquake Meng, silly stay there.


was out of courtesy, to make an unnecessary move, the part, through this incident, I finally understand a truth: enthusiastic service to It differs from man to man. and treat them differently. As the saying goes: "go out to look at the weather, look into the door!" Through the customer’s expression, or some action we should be able to judge their character, and then select targeted service measures, so that customers rest assured shopping, shopping satisfaction!

first for introverted customers. This type of customer is not bad words, love others just Xiu Xiu, they walk through the door if you politely say hello to him (of course this is the direct method of determining their character), then any other free choice, don’t disturb him. Until he picked up the initiative to talk with you, you’d better use the most simple way of expression, polite and enthusiastic response to his questions;

second for a more outgoing personality. Such customers like words, if you can not receive them warmly, they will have a feeling of being left out in the cold, resulting in shopping mood is not good, there may be a business failure, or the occurrence of

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