Two tips to play the role of the whole of small gifts

merchants will give consumers a number of gifts, in fact, are also hoping that these gifts can play a role in the development of the store business help. However, in the real business process, these gifts can play a very limited role. In fact, I have always believed that gifts in daily operations should not be underestimated. A small gift not only represents the retail customer’s gratitude to the customer, but also to narrow the distance between customers. I have a few small coup here for your reference.

buy match, icing on the cake. For example, for the purchase of FCL beer customers, giving cover for the convenience of customers to buy Egg drink; offering egg tray, convenient to carry. I believe that as long as we are in line to buy a small gift, the convenience of customers to choose the principle of gifts, will certainly be able to make customer satisfaction.

individualized "gift", right. In the face of every hue, giving people Tastes differ all tastes. customers, is seeking good customer satisfaction. If you are a child with a customer, you can send some small toys; if it is a young customer, you can give some chewing gum, fresh breath and close the relationship.

want to make gifts really effective, it is not easy to send out on it, but also need to make the real needs of customers, so that the value of the gift will be promoted. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you are now ready to give gifts, you know what kind of skills?

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