Happiness flowed into house one of the leading Da Ji Huang project a series of reports

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this spring I suffered the worst drought in fifty years still allow people to remember. Located on the Tibetan Plateau, most areas in arid and semi arid zone of Qinghai, nine years of drought, drought is frequent, has become the basic situation in our province. Due to the uneven distribution of water resources, local water shortages and water conservancy foundation is weak, seriously hindered the eastern province of urbanization, agricultural modernization, industrialization and ecological civilization construction. Especially in Huangshui River Basin more than 350 thousand "poor poor people in the water, bitter in the water, the development of hope in the water."

accelerate the construction of key water projects, inter basin water transfer project, river and reservoir water system connectivity project, optimizing the allocation of water resources has become a priority. The construction of yindajihuang project is an urgent need for sustainable economic development in Huangshui River Basin, the eastern poor mountainous areas of poverty of the masses hope, is to improve the basic conditions of ecological environment in the Huangshui River watershed. As the province’s "number one project" and major livelihood projects, will solve the water shortage in Huangshui Valley, Xining, Haidong city population of about 3000000 security groups of water safety, increase water supply and protect the town along the 22 rate, meet in Dongchuan and the Gan River Industrial Park water demand, is a power in the contemporary era benefit future magnificent.

provincial government attaches great importance to yindajihuang project, provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng made important instructions on the construction requirements, further improve the management system, through the engineering difficulties, and comprehensively promote the yindajihuang project construction, as soon as possible to make our province the "No. 1 water conservancy project for the benefit of the people of all ethnic groups. This will be from today magazine cited water from Datong project a series of reports, to readers.

, I heard that the canal will be able to pass the water the next year, has been looking forward to, but also can be planted in the crops planted in the water, I can not think ah!" Alexander goushen, Republic of Ledu Xiang Lian Xing Cun relying Haidong city farmer Ma Yingtai elderly, saw the construction diversion project team will repair to the village of the mountain, eagerly inquired through the time.

after the ditch Ma Ying Village too is the yindajihuang project in the north channel of a project.

in the early 50s, the Qinghai people’s dream will be surplus into the Huangshui River in Datong river. In 1958, the Qinghai provincial Party committee decided to build "yindajihuang comprehensive utilization project", and the establishment of the project headquarters, in August of that year the Dabanshan canal project officially started, but in the end because of the huge scale of investment, backward equipment, personnel can not be guaranteed and other reasons in August 1959 was forced to cease.

after half a century of groundless talk, May 2008, the yindajihuang water diversion project main canal project won the national development and Reform Commission, marking the yindajihuang project entered a substantive stage.

according to the yindajihuang Project Management Bureau Ma Fuyin introduced the yindajihuang project mainly by "general, two libraries, three channel", respectively is the water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir, North Canal phase, the north channel two and west channel engineering. The project is divided into three phases;

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