West District big urban management posts

A city built three points, seven in charge, which can be seen in the importance of urban management. In recent years, the west district is committed to digital urban management, the big urban construction, in September of this year, the West District of digital urban management information system was officially put into use. This also marks the Western District of urban management in terms of management concepts, management systems and mechanisms, or in the management tools, are on a new level. In the moment of November 27th Street garbage as early as 8, Wang took the mobile phone out of the house. As a member of the city of Xining city digital city management information collection, she is responsible for the inspection area, the main task is to find and report the problems of various types of urban components. 9:31, Lao Wang through the Yellow River road and Hing Road intersection. Roadside trash was found to be filled with garbage, not into the trash heap on the roadside, to bring inconvenience to the people in the past. In the vicinity of 6310403050000x million meters, found a pile of exposed garbage." Pharaoh out of the urban management through the phone, photographed the scene photos. Less than ten seconds, including voice and image information has been transferred to the city of Victoria digital city management information system. Urban management, is a set of positioning, recording and taking pictures and other functions in one of the smart phones, with on-site photos, photo upload, recording reports, fill in the form, location and other functions. 9:35, the command center to complete the admissibility, filing, dispatch. The problem has been sent to the two platform – the west district urban management law enforcement bureau. West District Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau after receiving the case, immediately organized sanitation workers to clean up. 9:58, the garbage cleared. After verification, a piece of garbage has been cleaned up again to the digital image of the city management information system, the problem solved. The digital city management information system, is the West District of the big city". The 100 – scan: information gathering over the entire city is only a member of Wang Chengxi district more than 100 information gathering in the exposure; garbage clean-up process, it is just a microcosm of the digital city management. The collection of information, digital urban management is extended to every corner of the city". "Big city" with more than 100 information gathering, the whole west area into "live". Open the west area of the digital city management information system, you can see all the city area west district (responsible area) of all the urban parts. City member refers to the covers, poles, trees, telephone booths, each managed object, are marked with an independent encoding similar identity card, and will be marked in the encoding unit grid map, which includes sanitation facilities, landscaping, illegal construction, guardrail etc.. These components can be seen clearly on the platform. It is understood that the West District of the city center can accept at least 100 cases a day. In the past, the urban management department is mainly passive discovery problems, processing means are relatively backward, it is difficult to deal with the first time. The digital urban management promotion, change the passive to active, compared with the past, found that the whole process of dealing with the problem more quickly and accurately, greatly improving the efficiency. "Athletes" – "the referee" clear identity;

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