Xining will focus on the construction of coal trading market

in order to consolidate the "news" results, to promote the "year" "creative city" work, effectively solve outstanding environmental problems existing in the coal yard, coal trading market to promote the orderly development, continuous improvement of environmental quality and the image of the city, the city will in three counties and four districts of all coal and coal products processing establishments the unit of coal heap places 8 months to carry out a special rectification work, then I will standardize the construction of coal centralized trading market.

It is reported that

, through the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau survey, the city has a total of 92 coal heap places, mainly for sale and processing of coal, a long time, the coal yard produced sewage, dust pollution is more serious, to effectively curb illegal coal operation, eliminate coal dust pollution in the city two County four, three according to the demand of coal in the area area and usage, to consider appropriate planning and construction of centralized coal trading market, the market should be on site, road hardening, surrounding with pile high (higher than the design or stockpiling of coal) at least 4 meters wind dust network and Weidang facilities, and take the corresponding coverage, spray etc. wind dust measures; coal storage yard sewage treatment facilities shall be the configuration of the vehicle for cleaning and supporting facilities; opencast coal loading area should set the sprinkler, spray dust suppression measures. Centralized coal trading market is completed, the district will actively guide the coal business households moved into the market concentration of the coal storage and trading, and standardize and improve the centralized trading market in all coal business management system operating procedures and internal management. (author: 1)


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