Sanjiang source livelihood energy storage base to start building

recently, with the second batch of key construction projects in Golmud focus on open (complex) workers, the largest clean energy in China’s western livelihood – Sanjiang source livelihood energy storage and distribution base project is scheduled to start.

Sanjiang people’s livelihood energy storage and distribution base project is located in Golmud Economic Development Zone, Kunlun, with a total investment of 380 million yuan, covers an area of 15.32 hectares, construction period of two years. Base will be built 14 thousand cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks, the annual design throughput of 200 thousand tons, and will be supporting the construction of special railway lines, road tankers distribution center and special pressure equipment inspection center.

it is reported that the base will be built to fill the gaps in our province no large-scale liquefied petroleum gas reserves and special railway unloading line, and become China’s largest area of ecological protection of Sanjiang natural reserve energy supply base support platform; at the same time, but also in Western China in Asian countries through energy channels, supply chain project delivery of liquefied petroleum gas as a chemical feedstock. In accordance with the vision, the final base will be built into an international regional large-scale clean energy logistics hub of people’s livelihood.

The general manager of

Investment Co. Ltd. is the Green Party seashells career Ma Xiaowen said: "relying on the Silk Road Economic Belt and support to improve national strategic bulk ethylene raw material of the industry, due to the unique geographical advantages of Golmud city through the East and West, North and South China Unicom, and the broad prospects of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, on the base of the us the development is very good. We will do a good job of the project, help local social and economic development."


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