West five projects to build a happy home

allows the development of more and more equitable benefit to all the people, in the blue sky and white clouds, so that more of the face filled with happiness. Ben to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade", this year will be the West from five aspects, the practical arrangements for a number of livelihood projects, and effectively improve the people’s quality of life, making it a westsider pride, investors yearning happiness family circle.

this year will be more emphasis on people-oriented West District, efforts to improve people’s well-being. Focus on the following tasks:

– do everything possible to expand employment. To strengthen the construction of public employment service and market system, play the leading role of radiation of college students incubation service center, the implementation of large-scale employment and entrepreneurship training project, to solve the employment problem of college graduates, new urban farmers and landless, strive to achieve the annual 5000 new urban jobs, the transfer of rural labor employment 1000 people, the registered urban unemployment rate control in less than 3.1%. Let more people through hard work, to create a better life!

* 85 million yuan to raise funds for the full implementation of land lost farmers endowment insurance policy. Further improve the social security system. Pay close attention to the problem of landless peasants social security, improve the urban and rural poor people serious illness medical assistance policy, effectively reduce the burden of medical treatment. The insurance for price stability as a key livelihood of government responsibility, continue to take government subsidies, price control, zero slip rectification measures, to ensure market supply, the price level basically stable.

– try to run the people more satisfied with the education. Integration of 133 million yuan of funds, the implementation of land consolidation, belonged to the primary school education, primary school education informatization construction in Hehuang land, safe campus and student drinking water projects, completed primary school and Xichuan Zhangjiawan Road Kindergarten, primary school officially opened to Wenhui road.

actively promote the healthy western construction, the development of public health undertakings. Strengthen the construction of medical service facilities, the implementation of a good residential health hut, rural clinics, fitness Plaza and other projects. Carry out the harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area to create activities, properly handle and resolve conflicts between doctors and patients, so that the masses enjoy a comfortable medical treatment and warm service.

– start to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area. To promote cultural projects that benefit, increase investment, focus on the district cultural centers, libraries, cultural stations and grassroots public cultural facilities such as reading room, give full play to the role of district culture and Arts Center, encourage social prosperity and create outstanding cultural works, promote film planning, performing arts training, cultural exchanges and other industries to flourish, and strive to achieve the culture industry sales revenue increased 10%. Extensive mass cultural activities, the formation of distinctive urban and rural cultural brand.


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