West District Xining City efforts to promote the education and training of cadres

in recent years, Xining City West District in accordance with the large-scale training of cadres "and" greatly enhance the quality of the cadres "requirements, continuous integration of training resources, training content according to the actual needs of cadres, adhere to multi-channel, many forms of training mode, and promote the education and training of cadres, improve cadre ability quality, provide a good human resources and intellectual support for the region’s economic and social development.

one is to adhere to the cadre education and training as the basic work of Party building. First, improve the planning of training. Seriously develop the "2009-2012 City West District 2009 – 2012 large-scale training of cadres to implement the opinions", clear the guiding ideology, objectives, tasks, implementation steps and safeguards. Two is to strengthen management, enhance the standardization of training. In strict accordance with the cadre management authority, the implementation of the class declaration system, standardize the education and training of cadres in order to avoid repeated long training and training. Three is to increase capital investment, provide adequate funding. At the beginning of the cadre education funds included in the budget, to ensure that the annual input of training funds of not less than 100 thousand yuan. Over the past five years, a total of more than $10 million in training funds for the region’s cadre education and training work has laid a good foundation.

two is to take the inline outside cited a variety of ways to continue to broaden the training channels for cadres. Please come in". During the training sessions, invited the provincial, municipal Party school professors, experts and scholars to lecture in the west, training cadres, guidance and service. Director of Party School of Economics Department of provincial Party committee Comrade Ma Hongbo during the west area of attachment, made 2 special counseling seminars for west district level cadres, the region more than 200 level cadres to listen to the lecture. Two is "going out". Taking advantage of the superiority of the teachers in the institutions of higher learning and the training of cadres outside the province, to carry out the "going out" training. Over the past five years, the region has a total of more than 300 cadres participated in Shanghai, Chongqing, Suzhou, Changsha and other places to enhance administrative capacity, new rural construction, public administration and economic management training courses. Three is to send". According to the characteristics of rural areas, combined with the three countryside activities, organizational personnel to send home, broaden the village cadres learning channels, improve the participation rate of village cadres, and enhance the effectiveness of learning.

three is a hierarchical classification teaching, highlighting the relevance and effectiveness of training. According to "what is missing, what" principle, according to the actual needs of cadres, in the design of training content, hosted a number of cadres, with level of reserve cadres, cadres, cadres for the agricultural community training object of special training, training in political theory as the focus, focus on economic development, performance the ability of the new rural construction and other training, at the same time take group discussion, writing learning experiences, consolidate the training effect, and effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of training.

four is taken to focus on training and training of cadres combined to ensure that training full coverage. Party cadres, professional and technical personnel training at the same time, the level of Party and government cadres, reserve cadres,;

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