Xining police come to yonehisa old D card

is a community police, in order to give a 88 year old man do ID ran back, this is the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau a trifle in the "visit" comment on police activities, but the old man moved in and around the masses.

not long ago, the provincial capital of South Beach community police station Yue Yonghui visited that area of a 88 year old man with years of pulmonary heart disease, out of action inconvenience, his relatives hope that old homes will be able to take the ID photo, and apply for identity cards.

Yue Yonghui back to the police station, asked the City Public Security Bureau of household brigade, received a positive response. Then, he went to the old man’s home, collect ID card photos, photos…… 22, 2009, the police Yue Yonghui will be in the hands of the elderly. See the police station in order to give the elderly to do ID busy, the elderly and the surrounding masses deeply moved.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in the "visit" comment on police activities, police requirements based on their own work, from the implementation of convenient measures, do little things to actively solve problems for the masses, and strive to put every little thing and do it.


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