Production safety is the bottom line red line requirements

The afternoon of January 15th, the national television and telephone conference, the province’s production safety, mayor Wang Yubo immediately chaired the city’s production safety work conference, conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang important instructions required to implement the television and telephone conference, the deployment of the city’s production safety work arrangement. Wang Yubo stressed that the safety production is a vital event, all regions and departments, enterprises and institutions, the bottom line of the red line work requirements. We should firmly establish people-oriented, the concept of safety first, innovation of production safety management mode, strengthen the basic work of production safety, enhance the supervision of law enforcement and emergency response capabilities, prevention and cure, happen to the iron wrist and resolutely curb serious accidents.

Wang Yubo, to earnestly learn the painful lessons of recent accidents continuously in other areas, to maintain a high degree of vigilance on production safety work, always tighten the string of safety, pay more attention on the thought, in action more conscious, more solid work, to prevent the omission of the investigation, to prevent the responsibility to prevent lax supervision lack of efforts to promote the city’s production safety and the ability to continuously improve the security level. To do a good job during the Spring Festival, and NPC and CPPCC production safety work in a prominent position, to implement more strict management, adopt more effective measures to ensure the investigation in place, rectification in place, supervision in place, and strive to create a safe holiday environment and stable social environment for the masses.

Wang Yubo stressed that the safety production weightier than Mount Tai. To strengthen the responsibility of the five aspects, one is to strengthen the responsibility of the party committees at all levels of production safety, safety work into the important agenda. Two is to strengthen the government’s responsibility for production safety. Who who is responsible for the territory, who is in charge of the jurisdiction. Three is to strengthen the regulatory responsibilities of industry management. To adhere to the pipe industry must pipes, pipe business must control security, pipe production and management must be safe "and" who is in charge, who is responsible, who is issuing, who is responsible "principle, effectively fulfill the safe production management responsibilities. Four is to strengthen the supervision of production safety supervision responsibilities. Strengthen the analysis of the situation of production safety judgments, strengthen supervision and supervision, and earnestly implement the safety in place. Five is to strengthen the main responsibility for production safety. To ensure that the institutions of enterprise safety production sound, sound system, management in place, put in place to ensure the effective implementation of enterprise safety hazards investigation and management.

vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting.


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