Lin Xiang Hua Datong County held broker training farmers opening ceremony

2012 in the morning of August 28th, Birch Forest Township farmer broker training in township government two floor conference room and the city and county supply and marketing cooperatives leaders, township leaders and 40 peasant brokers in.

the opening ceremony, the purpose and significance of the Township People’s congress chairman Comrade Ma Haifu organized the training class made a speech, he pointed out: the bridge and link between the peasant brokers as market economy and peasant economy closely, plays an irreplaceable role in the new rural economic construction, developing the rural economy as the main force to this end, the role, the township government decided to rural brokers team construction as an important starting point for the development of new Hua Lin Xiang rural social economy, cultivate a group of high quality, ways to live, method of rural brokers, the establishment of Hua Lin Xiang farmers broker service network system and farmer agent team. He also requested: hope you cherish this training opportunity, serious study, multi expert advice, how to carry out the exchange of experience, enhance skills, improve quality, become understand technology, good management, management of peasant brokers, become a leader in build up the family fortunes.


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