Cheap vegetables into the district residents Huimin Huimin convenience

Recently, a truck loaded with vegetables into the provincial capital city of the south part of the new city community, followed by a neatly placed plastic baskets were removed. Affordable prices of vegetables, attracted residents and passers-by around stop buying. Unloaded from the car less than an hour, a lot of vegetables basket to see the bottom.

to support cheap vegetables into the area, Metro community actively coordinate the residential property to do logistical work, ensure that the vegetables train can smoothly enter the residential sales. In an interview, the reporter learned that the residents are hoping to set up a fixed point vegetables through the car. Under the strong support of the town government in the city district, the new community in the town of Victoria and the application of the establishment of the green garden in the fixed parity vegetables direct point two. In the day of direct sales, food is generally very good sales, like cabbage, celery, tomatoes on the table people this kind of homely dishes, almost every day sold out, are very happy to get affordable residents, provide affordable food party farm management also felt satisfied.

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