51 days most of the city’s air quality clearance

April 23rd, the municipal government held a meeting of the leading group on the comprehensive management of air pollution, summed up the work of pollution since the year March, the next step in the deployment of governance. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng said, recently, the city’s air quality days increased, all localities and departments to the comprehensive management of air pollution as a protracted war, to tighten the screws and nails the spirit, to grasp the atmospheric environmental quality unremittingly.

in order to give the public to produce a satisfactory performance report, the city attaches great importance to the comprehensive management of air pollution, from the beginning of the year, to pay close attention to the pollution control work. In terms of dust pollution, the city on the construction site to return to work and put forward a strict examination and approval requirements, focus on key projects site, construction site dust control, and 233 roads sprinkler dust work. In terms of motor vehicle pollution control, the city will be yellow car limit line area expanded to 10.7 square kilometers. In the industrial enterprise pollution control, the city of key enterprises to implement key regulatory measures, 24 hours online monitoring. Under the city Qili pollution, plus God awesome precipitation days increased from March 1st to April 20th, the city’s air quality monitoring for 51 days, the number of standard days for 35 days, compared with the same period last year, the number of standard days increased significantly.

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