Dredge the capillaries to build urban traffic network

in order to make the construction of traffic flow more reasonable and scientific, the city this year will be fine planning, construction and operation of efficient urban transport network.

it is understood that this year, the Urban Planning Bureau through in-depth analysis of the city traffic problems, the integrated use of traffic simulation system, a comprehensive analysis of the municipal road construction, traffic channel planning, pedestrian crossing facilities, bus route optimization, bus rapid transit bus stations, road building, isolation facilities, static traffic facilities, city traffic management, further tap the existing potential of city road traffic facilities, to provide practical solutions, from the micro level to provide technical support to solve the city traffic problem specific. This year, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city according to the status quo, combined with the city transformation open duantoulu and other measures to improve the utilization rate of the branch network of microcirculation, improve the city road network structure, improve the layout of the road structure, clear the city road traffic "capillary", increase the branch to improve the road network density, road network through diversion trunk traffic pressure the main and secondary roads to ease traffic congestion, traffic diversion trunk road. At the same time, on the basis of investigation for traffic, parking demand, reasonable pedestrian overpasses, underground walkways, parking lot, the traffic pressure in the city to some extent alleviate the traffic order, improve. Through a series of studies, efforts to form a network structure of city network and outside the ring, ring connected nodes, smooth, construct a new framework of city traffic, city traffic good traffic environment to achieve the separation of people and vehicles, travel safety, roads, disciplined. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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