Full implementation of the three solid major requirements for the development of ethnic minority are

Qinghai is a multi-ethnic province, regional national autonomy area accounts for about 98% of the total area of the province, because of the natural environment and historical reasons, this vast land, the western plateau regions, ethnic minority areas, areas and underdeveloped areas all the difficulties and characteristics.

is an important task for Qinghai to speed up the development of ethnic minority areas. Build a well-off society in an all-round way, a nation can not be less.


of the party since eighteen, with the country’s strong support help, the provincial government adhere to the ruling principle of "small finances do big people, every year the total expenditure of about 75% in the people’s livelihood, education in ethnic areas, employment, housing, pension, health, cultural and other comprehensive benefits, making our province ethnic areas in the history of the fastest development, the best quality, the biggest change in urban and rural areas, people get maximum benefit period.

at a new historical starting point, the provincial government is to deeply understand the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping and promoting the development of ethnic areas, accurately grasp the development is the key for solving all problems in minority areas of scientific judgment, took the baton of history, led the people of all ethnic groups to unite, to encourage million people united as one man, Qinghai building a more harmonious and beautiful journey of temper endeavour.

channels, electricity, water, through radio and television

– infrastructure and ecological construction in the national economic development of the new runway

traffic inconvenience, it is with much land and few people, many people describe the common words Qinghai remote Tibetan "".

because the traffic is blocked, more than and 10 years ago, most of the herdsmen Suo Jia Xiang Lian Zhi county have not been to even more, so that animal husbandry civilian "a live sheep for a pair of ordinary shoes to wear," revealed the areas of lament and frustration of national traffic block.

today, Yushu Tong expressway, Zhidoi county through the two grade highway, Suo Jia Xiang pass four sand road, from Zhiduo to soja only need half a day driving to the circulation of goods, more channels, herders take the sheep to change shoes story never happened.

this is an atypical case, but it is not difficult to find that the infrastructure is weak in our province is the biggest constraint on the development of ethnic areas.

so, over the years, money is not very strong Qinghai, vigorously implement the strategy of giving priority to infrastructure construction, a large number of construction projects have been completed and put into use, to solve the problem of interests of farmers and herdsmen are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic path, so that the Province’s ethnic areas of the leapfrog development of clear eyes.

this is the construction of the relay into real feelings. In the great support of the state help, leading in the ruling idea of the provincial government adhere to the "small property issued by the people’s livelihood", the annual total expenditure of about 75% of our province into the people’s livelihood, the Tibetan ethnic areas of infrastructure construction has changed turn the world upside down.

attracted skylight into the evening, by the end of 2015, with the province’s last 39 thousand and 800;

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