Eastern check change do practical things a lot of problems

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, Chengdong District Standing Committee has always put the problem of educational practice as the starting point and end point, check out the problem, timely rectification, to persist.

is the wind Su Ji dare to play hardball. The problems such as nonstandard post on the existing official car logo conducted on-site rectification; carried out a month long window service units to focus on remediation, serious financial discipline, three funding and public spending and other special rectification activities; the mutual Road community part of staff work to play mobile phone, 5 cadres of administrative service center government work chat, 4 cadres of the District Education Bureau in violation of work discipline give informed criticism of 5 cadres given disciplinary sanctions. For the mountain of the sea, aiming at the problem of information briefing quantity, the party documents issued by the same period decreased by 10%, 7% reduction in the meeting.

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