Xining yesterday the highest temperature below 0 degrees C

December 8th, Xinjiang eastward cold air, Xining, Haidong, ushered in a snowfall, the snow center in Huangzhong County, as of the day of 14, snowfall of 1.6 mm, 2 cm of snow. Precipitation caused by Xining, Haidong region temperature diving, compared with the previous day, the temperature dropped 6 degrees -8 degrees C, the highest temperature in Xining fell below the temperature of 0 degrees C.

on the morning of December 8th, Xining temperatures plunged, let the previous day in the winter sunshine in public, have thick clothes. From 11 snowflakes slowly began to fall from the sky, as of 12, on the sidewalk, the flower beds have been "dyed" snow white, affected by the snow, the Xining minimum temperature dropped to minus 11 degrees, the highest temperature is only 3.6 degrees below zero. The provincial meteorological forecaster captain Ma Xuelian introduced, the snowfall occurred mainly in the eastern, Eastern Xining, Haibei Haixi and Haidong region, the rest of my province is cloudy weather. The cold air moving faster, snow will end today. From today, around the sunny or cloudy days, the temperature will rise slowly, is expected to rebound in 4 DEG -6 deg.

it is understood that the specific forecast the next three days: 8 to 9 at night during the day, the province’s sunny or cloudy, Golog 4-5 westerly; 9 to 10 at night during the day, Yushu cloudy or overcast sunny or cloudy, the rest of the province; 10 to 11 at night during the day, Yushu, Guoluo cloudy or snow snow showers, the rest of the province is cloudy. December 7th is the twenty-four solar terms in the snow, after this round of snow weather, the temperature in some parts of the province will slow recovery, but the maximum temperature will not rise too high. Xining in the next two days, the maximum temperature is expected to only degrees C -3.  


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