The establishment of corporate pension pension system

In November 4th, a reporter from the City Social Security Bureau, to properly solve the problem of survivor in our city after the death of enterprise retirees, the city from October 1, 2014 onwards, formally established after the death of enterprise retirees pension system. It is reported that, according to the provisions after the death of enterprise retirees pension system in our city, the basic old-age insurance for urban workers and retirees has handled the formalities of the monthly basic pension (including retirees), and in accordance with the "Office of the provincial government forwarded provincial labor security department Department of Finance on uninsured workers to participate in urban collective enterprises urban basic old-age insurance guidance notice" and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of finance "on the issuance of the" on the settlement of the province urban basic old-age insurance historical issues opinions "notification" provisions, incorporated into the endowment insurance and monthly basic pension personnel (collectively retirees), due to illness or fatalities, and their dependents can receive a one-time pension. Pensions according to the retirement of the last year, the province’s enterprise retirees monthly basic pension per capita standard 10 months. 2013, the province’s enterprise retirees monthly basic pension level of 2357 yuan per capita. City Social Security Bureau responsible person to remind the general public, enterprise retirees death survivors as soon as possible to the social security agencies to apply for pension and funeral expenses related formalities.  

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