Xining unemployed people can receive a monthly unemployment insurance benefits before two months

reporter 16 from the City Employment Bureau learned that the city of Xining before the Spring Festival for the unemployed in advance of the unemployment insurance benefits.

it is understood that in 2008, our city employment departments for the unemployed 245 thousand passengers timely and full payment of unemployment insurance, a total amount of 92 million 410 thousand yuan, to receive unemployment benefits and unemployment reached its highest peak gold standard. At the beginning of this year, in order to allow the unemployed to spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Xining City Labor and social security departments to prepare early, co-ordinate arrangements for 19 thousand unemployed one-time arrange payment of unemployment benefits 13 million 110 thousand yuan from 1 to February. Before the Spring Festival, the unemployed people in the Bank of Qinghai outlets credit card to receive two months of unemployment insurance benefits.


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