Safeguard the interests of farmers in Xining agricultural market special inspection curtain

Qinghai news network March 4th morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision organization staff conducted raids on the province of agricultural products wholesale market operation and production of agricultural products of the place, I opened the city this year, the agricultural market special inspection of the curtain.

farmers look forward to a good harvest, agricultural product quality is guaranteed. At present, the agricultural product sales peak, to protect the interests of the farmers, to prevent counterfeit and inferior inferior agricultural pesticide harm farmers, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out special inspections of the human smoke. It is understood that the special inspection of the main agricultural market against doping adulteration, shoddy, or impurities, Quejinduanliang, substandard products as qualified products and other illegal activities, focusing on the fight against Quejinduanliang acts. Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau law enforcement officers to remind the majority of farmers and friends, in the purchase of agricultural products, we must pay attention to the production date, shelf life, net content, the implementation of standards, factory name, site whether there is a clear label. If the problem can be found at any time to report to the quality supervision department, reporting Tel: 12365, 0971 – 8171100. (author: Hu Youjun)


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