17 will be held in Wuhan entrepreneurship innovation Expo

business has become the most popular this year’s words, the public business momentum emerged a stride forward singing militant songs, excellent business model. This year has held a number of innovation and entrepreneurship fairs around the world, so that entrepreneurs to show their results.


this fair is the predecessor of the Wuhan national entrepreneurship Fair will be once a year, has been held for 9 sessions, each year to become Wuhan entrepreneurs holiday.

the exposition by the City Commission by letter by more than and 10 government departments and institutions, exhibition area of over 10 thousand square meters, nearly 500 booths set up.

field opened financial institutions, business mentor, tax legal consultation, creating and creating work area, provide a learning and communication platform for the majority of entrepreneurs. The 20 most entrepreneurial Wuhan – 2015 Wuhan national entrepreneurship "double top ten" entrepreneurs, will be donated in the exhibition site, and share the story of entrepreneurship.

by business exhibition, Wuhan city as a customer learning to create an open platform. Here, entrepreneurs can glimpse the future trend of the industry, the most suitable for their own business development plan.

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