Business Guide how to make money like winter

a lot of people want to start, but there is not enough money, so why not start from the capital investment, set up a stall is a good choice. Many people think that is a stall for a living wage earners, in fact, I do not agree. The world’s richest man Buffett once when he was young at home to sell freshly brewed coffee for his family, MA in the Alibaba start early has to Yiwu, Guangzhou in some flowers, toy stall to sell, to help Haibo translation agency can operate normally, but the actual situation is the sea Bo translation agency is to rely on the stall to support do not want to go on, for example, I want to tell some entrepreneurs through the stall of friends, in fact you are an entrepreneur, a lot of people feel like face does not look good, but these people will certainly vanity in your success before feel lose face blush spread. The Taobao business and I venture is to prove his method, so not too much to ignore the opinions of others.


2 because they can not find a suitable job (usually Yangaoshoudi, then try to put stall "the well-being of the world", try to be rejected to grind down the spirit and pride);

The benefits of

for said less capital, low risk and high profit of these benefits is not much to say. I have the advantage of people’s will and character, the first stall had his off, a lot of people are afraid of a good face, colleagues and friends to see their stall, this is not pride, is vanity. When a call is People are hurrying to and fro., exercise the courage and confidence to our attitudes about price bargaining crowd exercise is persuasive, communication skills, customer to customer at the guess is the psychological character, exercise ability analysis. In addition, select the appropriate purchase stall location, exercise is their own judgment and planning skills for urban chase, is their own physical exercise. So money is secondary, the key is the sublimation of their own character, which is money can not buy.

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