Retail customer service customers may wish to do more than three a little more

to serve the public, service customers, want to get the customer’s recognition, naturally also need to do more work, pay attention to more details. In short, as a retail household, every day to deal with different customers, often encounter different character of the customer, some easy-going, some critical, some calm, some hot…… Encounter different character of the customer, how to communicate with them, how to let him become our repeat guest? Many successful experience tells us that only to do a little smile a little more patience, a little more sincere, as far as possible so that customer satisfaction, business can be prosperous.

smile a little more with their enthusiasm to warm the customer

as the saying goes, a smile is the key to the heart. Smile is also an important means to narrow the distance between retail customers and consumers.

customers into the store, not impressed by the quality and price of goods, but the store owner’s service attitude. Treat customers to have a smile, to greet, polite attitude, to do a good job is very important. Smile, is a reflection of a happy mood, retail customers show smile on the counter, is a respect for customers, but also the process of passing their sincere. Whether it is new or old customers, your attitude will affect whether they can implement the purchase behavior.

either the customer or old customer, whether to buy something or stroll into the store, will smile to greet. Business is temporary, but life is long. Customers do not buy this time, does not mean that the next do not buy. We have to smile to face every customer, in order to make them feel respect, after buying things will naturally think of your shop. If customers buy things with smile, do not buy things fall guy, even taunt, it will only make customers away from your shop.

patience a little more with their own sincerity touched the customer

Patience is the basic quality of

shop to do business should have, if retail shopkeepers do not have the patience, when questioned on the customer very impatient, so it is difficult to succeed in the business, will give the customer a bad image. The customer’s critical, can only show that customers demand for their goods, interested in, he is just looking for a bigger reason to buy. If we were to customers angry, that customer is too harsh, will not purchase the goods.

good shop owners will be picky customers as a harbinger of the transaction, rather than the picky customers as trouble makers. To deal with this customer, we should not show impatience or indifferent. And there should be a patient, to customer questions and questions, patiently reasoned to answer, to make the customer satisfied, and most willing to purchase goods, but also become the store back.


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