Returnees who can enjoy preferential policies

when the business has become a trend, overseas Chinese are increasingly favored to return to invest. Compared to the Chinese entrepreneurs, returnees can be described as a lot of advantages, not only to learn the experience and skills of foreign countries, the return of entrepreneurship can also enjoy preferential policies provided by the government.

countries offering various kinds of preferential

for returned overseas, can enjoy the entrepreneurial guidance, entrepreneurship training, business registration, tax relief, financial services, site support, personnel agency, file storage, technical evaluation, handling and continuation of social insurance and other services and preferential policies. Among them, the state needs to focus on supporting high-tech enterprises, the enterprise income tax at the rate of 15%.

"international practice" talent

21 century what is the most expensive? Talent! Foreign higher education emphasis on practice, so the ability to study abroad. Especially in the world’s top five hundred enterprises and the practice of returnees, often one person alone when several, which is one of the biggest advantages of overseas students. In addition, overseas returnees are familiar with foreign environment, and international standards, but also a major advantage.

to learning and education for the purpose, whether public school or at their own expense in foreign university (College), scientific research institutions to study, study assiduously study degree, business or engaged in scientific research and academic exchanges over one year, completed two years of academic or learning after returning to settle in work, can enjoy the vehicle purchase tax (from the purchase of import tariffs in the auto parts and vehicle purchase tax concessions)!

bonus to entrepreneurial government!

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