Young people should be how to start the three characteristics for you to solve the puzzle

more and more people choose to start a business, but do not know which industry should be chosen, and now the industry is diverse, but each industry has the skills of each industry. A lot of people are like entrepreneurship, but because there is no capital, no strength, no efficiency, no guidance. The lack of these success factors so that their entrepreneurial heart slowly sinking. You don’t need to be successful, said: today we do two things, you can succeed. First, find a platform for their own development; second, to find a mentor in life. We can break down these two.

A, to find suitable for their own development platform, the platform must meet two conditions: 1, in line with the development trend in the future; 2, for you do. What is suitable for yourself? For example, today you are a student, you do not have money, those who need big investment business is not suitable for you. We do not need to change their own weaknesses, we must use their own advantages to achieve success. For example, we are young, the fund is not our advantage, but we have passion than older people, our ability to accept new things better than they. It is the information age, especially we understand the Internet, we contact information faster than them, and information is money. So experts say: twenty-first Century will be the achievement of a group of young rich.

Look at the

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