Home textile store to make money to share success stories

home textile products are needed in people’s lives, so the profit space is also very broad, want to do business, open a home textile shop is very good. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to understand a dream of getting rich through the textile shop to achieve the dream of a dream of art.

2002 in February, 44 year old Zhang Xiaohong from Xinyu steel factory laid off. As "40, 50" laid-off workers, how to re employment, has become the top priority of Zhang Xiaohong. With the love and pursuit of the art of embroidery. She carries only 18 thousand yuan savings at home, went to Tianjin, Suzhou and other places a.

just innovative art product textile shop hard to avoid facing the market problem. In 2004, Zhang Xiaohong held a personal exhibition of linen embroidery, and just opened a 18 square meters of shops, while selling side, the result of a busy year, lost 10 thousand yuan. At the end of 2004, she developed a secret recipe for softening linen, linen treated not only feel soft, color is more rich and quaint charm, and won 22 national patents, products have gradually open the market.

2005 the beginning of the year, Zhang Xiaohong opened the textile shop into Yuzhou embroidery workshop, the store expanded to more than and 400 square meters, led to dozens of laid-off workers employment. The enterprise has registered "Qiao Mei", "Xia Xiu", "Han embroidery workshop", "Zhang Xiaohong Xia embroidered" 4 trademarks, with completely independent intellectual property rights. On 2009, and approved the establishment of the "Xinyu (China) on the art of embroidery linen", out of a new road of product development, personnel training, marketing, business management as one of the enterprises, annual sales from the original but Yuan Yuesheng million to about 5000000 yuan.

"we each embroidery works, are collective comments, points out the advantages and disadvantages, teach peer assessment, so as to improve the quality of craftsmanship and embroidery." The work in the 3 years of Yuzhou embroidery workshop staff Zhang Wenxiu told reporters.

4 month, Yuzhou embroidery workshop "" Xia embroidery "works" like Li Bai "in the works stand.

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