Beijing Fair Exhibition Chinese leading cultural and creative achievements

creative innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of cultural and creative industries, and the country called for business innovation and Entrepreneurship of cultural and creative industries issued agree without prior without previous consultation, new investment opportunities in the Internet era thinking Hwan, young entrepreneurs realize the dream.

elements into the traditional ceramic incense table, Shaanxi clay and cloth fusion elements of novelty lamps, 3D chocolate printer…… By the Ministry of culture, the State Press and Publication Administration and Beijing city jointly organized the tenth session of China Beijing International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo (Wen Bohui), every kind of novel creative design products to attract a large number of people went to watch.

has entered the tenth year of the Beijing fair is an important platform to showcase the latest achievements of China cultural and creative industries. In Chinese vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation of the boom, this year’s Fair is exceptionally lively. Three days since the exhibition, trade promotion, forum, creative activities and other activities held in Beijing in more than and 100. Among them, the youth cultural creativity and Innovation Exhibition highlights.

in a less than two square meters booth, a 28 year old sales manager Wang Leizheng enthusiastically to the curious citizens introduced a 3D chocolate printer. The biggest advantage of this printer is that people can choose their favorite graphics, by a liquid filled with chocolate needle as "brush", made in a piece of white chocolate "Sketchpad" complete print out every kind of patterns, such as cartoon characters, the cover of the magazine, the fastest takes only 5 minutes.

"this time we are invited to come earlier, there are many exhibitions we are invited to attend for free, this also let more people know we use 3D printing technology to the creation of ‘paintings’, but also provides the possibility of cooperation for the development of our enterprise." Wang Lei said.

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