How to join Coconut Juice fried yogurt

Coconut Juice fried yogurt? In our life, for the choice of Coconut Juice chowhound fried yogurt, is a very good thing. Join Coconut Juice fried yogurt? If you are also very exciting. So don’t hesitate any more!

Coconut Juice fried yogurt will mature coconut wash along the middle section of the crack, coconut water outflow, coconut water collected after filtering back. Coconut will be split into two pieces, with a special belt tooth scraping device scraped coconut, which become loose yerou, then put the tray in the dryer, control the temperature of 70 to 80 DEG C, drying with rich coconut stem silk, storage and backup.

will tap water in the water purifier, then flows through the water heater is heated to 70 DEG C in the hot water tank, adding 0.04% sodium hydroxide, stirring, coconut water by: =1:10 (weight ratio) of the coconut and hot water mixing into the grinding wheel in grinding. The first coconut pulp separator 120 mesh sieve separation, then second centrifuges and 180 orders from the coconut juice, add a small amount of hot water slag filter two juice. The first juice, two juice, stand-by pump into the tank.

healthy and delicious yogurt is always very attractive. Join the project is Coconut Juice fried yogurt, choose to join the health cause. Coconut Juice fried yogurt? Worthy of our choice, we should join!

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