What are the principles of the shop name

to store a good name, are related principles can be observed. Only by adhering to the principle of more, will make the development of the shop more smoothly. So, if it is to choose the name of the shop, you will abide by what kind of principle? That is, the name of the shop to choose what are the principles?

The first

, the most favorable auspices

in the premise of ingrained traditional thoughts under the Chinese, shop name is unlucky commercial naming taboo. A bad name, will seriously affect the consumer’s shopping psychology, thus hindering the development of online business. Therefore, the shop name must be the most favorable auspices to let a person look, well, buy themselves.

second, easy to understand

want to make it easier for consumers to remember their own shop name, then in the name of time, must be concise, easy to understand. Don’t want to show off his literary talent, highlighting the characteristics and the choice of some words for the name. Try to avoid the use of homophones and uncommon words as the shop name.

third, closely related to

shop name choice, must be closely linked to their own business, so that consumers see the name, you know what you are selling. For example, grapefruit beauty clothing, love is still the United States clothing court, these look to know that the sale of clothing.


a lot of people to think the shop name can attract people as long as the personal independence of conduct, on the line, as everyone knows, this is the shop name is really can attract people, so many people have seen after the factors, but will not attract customers into the store consumption is quite another. In short, if you want to shop with a good name, the above three principles are necessary to comply with.

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