Open shop location proposal

is now open shop investors are not a minority, people have gradually learned about the industry’s profits, fancy its development prospects, and therefore have to invest. Open a flower shop location can do a good job, you can go to look at some of the business is relatively good location in the shop lot, I believe we can draw some useful conclusions.

in the downtown shop, store from the first commercial center and the primary station should be closer, people in front of the relatively large, and the sidewalk in front of the proper width in order to meet, parking (making floats very easy). But such stores are generally not very cheap.

in the residential area

from your shop to the residents of each position in the region, the best not to go beyond 10 minutes walk. The shop in the residential area, the customer to nearby residents, they need to first flower is Home Furnishing decoration, together with the family celebrations and anniversaries and festivals (marriage, birthday, baby etc.) with flowers. It will be ready to order, the picture data and equipped with door-to-door service personnel, because these customers are scheduled in advance, and delivery goods can be inserted, and so the flowers and potted decoration etc..

in the vicinity of the hospital

is generally to see patients with flowers and grief. To prepare some products like flowers, flowers where. Because many people are buying to see patients, no time for waiting. Can run the fruit baskets and look for the gift of patients. Keep carnations and yellow and white chrysanthemums, lilies and other flowers.

florist for investors is the initial stage work site is difficult to fix, the location is very important, if you are not sure of the location problem, can learn a lot about others shop experience, gradually from practice to explore a development road of their own.

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