Join the garment industry is very important to do the details

throughout the market, opened a clothing store of a few people, as long as the shopping, you can experience the development of this industry event, the market competition, but their high profits still attracts many businesses. Join in the clothing industry, to ensure the future operating smoothly, the shop location work is sure to do, only in this way can be based on product quality, brand loud, to attract a lot of attention of consumers. Clothing franchise business should pay attention to what? Come see.

first, the shop to facilitate transportation, superior location

convenient transportation and superior location is the basis of market success. Every successful market is a convenient transportation and superior market. Such as the white horse clothing wholesale market is located in front of the station, railway station, bus station near the pier, shipping is also very convenient. The Yellow River fashion city is located in Humen – the bustling commercial center, south through port road, West Road junction Yinlong Wholesale District Fumin clothing, north of Yongfeng city. Shopping center, South Pacific station, Humen cargo terminal.

two, industry to get government support

government support is an important factor in the success of the market. According to my observation, the successful operation of the clothing wholesale market has a great relationship with the government, there is also a lot of success with the government. Government support in policy, investment environment, tax, urban planning, etc.. Of course, can also be through administrative means to intervene and support. For example, the Shahe international garment wholesale market is conducive to the transformation of the main street of the Shahe wholesale market, and therefore, in all aspects of government support. Xintang International Jeans Clothing City shopping malls have also been the government’s attention, in 2003 the government to use administrative means to force all clothing enterprises stationed in the wholesale city, prompting the wholesale city of 100% home rate. Since the end of the exhibition, after the renovation of the wholesale city, in the absence of government support and intervention. Lead to the whole market occupancy and operating performance is not good.

three, with accurate market positioning

accurate market positioning is the key to the success of the market operation. Each market has its own positioning characteristics. White horse clothing wholesale market is located in the national comprehensive high-end professional clothing wholesale market, his customers are from all over the country. It adopts the way of trade is mainly wholesale and retail, sample orders, monopoly agents, franchise. Xintang International Garment City shopping mall located in the area of professional wholesale market, it mainly engaged in jeans all kinds of clothing, mainly to take sample orders, wholesale and retail, but more focused on the sample order of trade, its market coverage is mainly in Southern China area.

four, have the right wide

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