Sanmenxia further formation of entrepreneurship innovation and excellence in the realm of the situa

innovation and entrepreneurship in Sanmenxia atmosphere is more and more intense, in 2016 is a brave when the transformation and development demonstration zone. Have a good entrepreneurial environment, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion is to improve the quality of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial needs of people to know how to seize the opportunity.

3 15, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, on behalf of the city of Changan Wei led the Municipal Finance and planning, housing construction, development and reform, commerce and other departments, in-depth research for economic and social development in Hubin district. City Government Secretary General Liu Tingfu, accompanied by research.

will make the next step, an Wei stressed the need to fully implement the municipal Party committee, municipal government "54321" transformation of development strategy, the static under heart and jumped down, a solid grasp of the development, further the formation of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence in our state, when Yong transformation development demonstration area.

two to achieve steady growth objectives, major projects, and promote the project started to fall, the formation of new economic increment.

three to strengthen style construction, adhere to the good mechanism, keep a good state, and promote the work carried out.

four to strengthen the comprehensive management of social security, to create a good environment for people to live and work in peace.



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