BC outreach group partners with app developer to improve safety of sex

first_imgVANCOUVER – An outreach group supporting vulnerable women in British Columbia is hoping a cellphone app designed to monitor remote workers in resource industries will help keep sex workers safe.Hope Outreach, a non-profit group that provides support to homeless and exploited women in Kelowna, is partnering with the makers of YodelMe to launch a pilot project to make the monitoring app available to sex workers and other vulnerable women in the Okanagan.“What I can see it do is saving some lives, and that’s what I’m all about,” said Angie Lohr, president and co-founder of Hope Outreach.YodelMe uses Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite technology to monitor a user by having them check in and out at set time periods. If a user doesn’t check in when they’re supposed to, a reminder is sent. If it’s ignored, the app sends a distress message to pre-programmed contacts with the user’s location.Greg ter Wolbeek, business manager for YodelMe, said he and founder Aaron Kilback contacted the outreach group after reading about it in a local newspaper.“It just struck me that hang on, this is developed for lone workers, essentially they are lone workers, so perhaps we can help them,” he said.Lohr said she and the women Hope Outreach works with were excited by the offer to help find a solution to the violence they experience.“This stuff happens every day and so I guess where I get a little annoyed is we wait for some tragedy to happen to focus any light on it,” she said. “We never really focus on who is picking these women up, why are they out there and what are we going to do to make them safe.”Details of the pilot project are still in discussion, but Lohr said she hopes to gather groups of 10 women from Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton to begin trying out the app in December. The pilot project is also looking at establishing a neighbourhood watch-type group among sex workers for an added level of security, ter Wolbeek said.“The idea is to create a Yodel community so people can communicate with one another so if you have an emergency that you’re in, you can see who in your Yodel community is nearby to help you,” said ter Wolbeek. “A nice way to look at it is this app is linking our virtual communities with a real life community.”Cecilia Benoit, a University of Victoria sociology professor researching sex work in Canada, said the app has potential to give women added security, but the challenge is users need someone they trust in their lives or have trust in the police to be on the receiving end of emergency messages.“The most vulnerable will be the least likely to have a trustworthy person,” she said.A more meaningful approach in the longer term would for Hope Outreach or other organizations to use the introduction of the app to connect users with resources, such as housing and employment programs, Benoit said.“It’s a practical tool that can be helpful but I don’t think it changes the situation. They still need the money, they are still going into these situations,” she said. “When they find a safe home, when they find a support system … they can start building more safety in their lives.”Lohr said the business of sex work is never going to go away as long as there is a demand and there are vulnerable women with no other alternative.Until there are more economic opportunities, housing, treatment for addictions and solutions for the other challenges women experience, Lohr said the app may at least help with their safety.— Follow @Givetash on Twitter.last_img read more

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Man accused in Toronto gay village death had charge upgraded after new

first_imgTORONTO – A man accused of killing a young woman in Toronto’s gay village had his charge upgraded to first-degree murder after police found new evidence in the case, an investigator said Thursday after the 21-year-old appeared in court.Kalen Schlatter is charged in the November 2017 murder of 22-year-old Tess Richey who, according to police, died of “neck compression.”Schlatter was initially charged with second-degree murder last month but the charge was elevated to first-degree murder Wednesday.“I’m not going to get into what the new evidence is (but) I’m going to tell you that new evidence presented itself to us,” Det. Ted Lioumanis told reporters following a brief court appearance at which Schlatter’s case was put over until April 23 “I want to acknowledge the community for that. I want to thank them for that for coming forward.”There are a handful of conditions under Canada’s Criminal Code that can result in a charge of first-degree murder. “Planned and deliberate” homicides and killings that occur while committing or attempting a sexual assault or kidnapping are among the crimes that qualify.Police believe Schlatter and Richey did not know each other before the night of her death, Lioumanis said outside court, adding that Schlatter has not yet provided investigators with a statement.Richey was reported missing Nov. 25 after a night out with a friend in Toronto’s Church and Wellesley neighbourhood.Her mother, who travelled from the family home in North Bay, Ont., to search for her daughter, found Richey’s body four days later in a stairwell at the back of an alley, just steps from where she was last seen alive.Richey met Schlatter on the street after she and her friend left a bar, police have said. Surveillance video shows Schlatter and Richey together near the alley where her body was found.Richey’s family, some of whom attended Thursday’s court appearance, are in a “horrible situation,” Lioumanis said.“Are they happy for the new charge? Absolutely,” he said. “But considering what they’ve gone through and what they are going through, will they ever come to grips on what happened?”Schlatter appeared in court by video, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, his hair neatly combed and his beard trimmed close. He spoke only to say “good morning” and provide his name at the start of proceedings.Crown attorney Jennifer Stanton told the court her office would have more evidence to provide to the defence before Schlatter’s next court appearance.Police faced public criticism for their failure to find Richey in the days after her disappearance.Her death, along with several other disappearances connected to the gay village, led community members to say police were not protecting them.Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders announced in December that the force would review its handling of missing persons cases.In a case unrelated to Richey’s, self-employed landscaper Bruce McArthur, 66, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with the deaths and disappearances of six men, most of them with ties to the gay village.last_img read more

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Caribou Marketing Board Regulating wild food suggested to ease Arctic hunger

first_imgBob Weber, The Canadian Press Northerners could get relief from sky-high grocery bills if Ottawa were to help regulate and encourage the sale of food harvested from the land, a federal advisory board has concluded.In a report released Monday, the National Indigenous Economic Development Board recommends changes to how so-called country food is exchanged. They include regulations on buying and selling to safety standards and even marketing boards to explore potential sales outside the North.“There appears to be support for establishing a regulatory framework to guide and regulate the selling and marketing of traditional food,” said board member Hilda Broomfield Letemplier.“We want to look at providing a statutory foundation for all matters affecting the gathering, sharing and selling of country food in the North.”High food prices have long been an issue across the Arctic and in the northern reaches of most provinces. A chicken can cost $20; the tab for four litres of juice can be nearly $27.A study in 2010 found that almost half of Nunavut children between the ages of three and five lived in homes where they either had no food for an entire day or where their parents couldn’t afford to feed them at least part of the time. Two-thirds of parents said there were times when food ran out and there was no money for more.In 2012, Statistics Canada found that 22 per cent of Inuit reported going hungry during the previous year because they couldn’t afford food.Fresh, healthy food from the land could go a long way to alleviating that — if proper policies were brought in, Monday’s report says.Caribou and char are often bought and sold informally through social media. The report suggests that if those sales were regulated, institutions such as hospitals and schools could use the food.It recommends a Wild Food Inspection Act to ensure safety and suggests marketing boards could oversee sales and inspection, co-managed by local Indigenous governments.It points out Nunavut has already made moves in that direction that could serve as a model.Ultimately, proper regulations could lead to outside markets, said Broomfield Letemplier.“This certification would establish a national approach to branding and marketing sustainable Inuit, First Nations and Metis wildlife products for domestic and international trade.”Regulations would have to be accompanied by facilities such as processing plants, the report says. Hunters would also have to be supported to reduce the cost of equipment and supplies.The report also suggests that the cost of some staple items could be capped in grocery stores.Some northern leaders have already expressed concern over whether Arctic caribou herds could sustain a commercial hunt. Broomfield Letemplier acknowledged that healthy wildlife populations would have to come first.“We wouldn’t want to do that until we knew the herds were healthy.”The board’s report comes after recent reforms to Nutrition North, a federal program intended to reduce the cost of shipping food to the North. Although those reforms, announced in December, increased shipping subsidies and hunter supports, it didn’t change how the program worked.Broomfield Letemplier said that quite apart from its effects on health, food insecurity is damaging the economic development of Canada’s Arctic.“Northern sustainable food systems are a critical part of economic development in the North. With a healthier workforce, the economic climate is more favourable to attract and retain businesses.”The board’s report is to go to the federal government for consideration.  — Follow Bob Weber on Twitter at @row1960last_img read more

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Winnipeg First Nations man says police took him on starlight tour

first_imgBy Tiar WilsonAPTN National NewsWINNIPEG–A 20 year-old First Nations man says he was taken on a starlight tour by Winnipeg police who dumped him on the outskirts of the city and told him to run or else he would be Tasered.Evan Maud said he was walking home from visiting his brother at 4 a.m. this past Friday when an unmarked black police car pulled up beside him.Maud said there were two officers in the car, one with a bullet proof vest and the other wearing a police jacket.Maud, who is in the midst of finishing Grade 12, said the officers accused him of being involved in break and enters and car theft, before taking him on a trip to the city’s edge.Maud, who claimed to only have had a couple drinks that night, said the officers drove him to the outskirt of the city where they took his jacket and sweater and gave him another sweater before telling him to run or he would be Tasered.“I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to do,” said Maud.He said the experience left him so shaken he would now never walk alone at night.“I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” he said. “You got to walk with at least two or three people.”The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs said they planned to hold an emergency meeting with Maud’s family to discuss the incident.A recent study found that Winnipeg police had dumped at least 76 people on roads and highways outside the city on starlight tours.The University of Winnipeg study found that police targeted young Aboriginal men.Starlight tours, where police take individuals to the outskirts of the city to sober up, can have deadly consequences.In 1990, Neil Stonechild was found frozen to death outside Saskatoon after he was taken on a starlight tour.Two police officers were eventually convicted of unlawful confinement and sentenced to eight months in jail.twilson@aptn.caEDITOR’S NOTE: Evan Maud’s allegations have been proven false and he has publicly apologized to the Winnipeg police service.last_img read more

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Iraq Security Council denounces ousted regimes killing of missing Kuwaitis

“Members of the Council strongly condemned the grave violation of human rights and the killing of Kuwaiti and other third-country nationals by the former regime of Iraq also in disregard of the provisions of international humanitarian law,” the Council said in a press statement after being briefed in a closed-door session on Mr. Annan’s report by the High-Level Coordinator on the issue, Yuli Vorontsov of the Russian Federation.”They expressed their deep condolences to the families of those missing persons who have now been identified,” said the statement, read by Deputy Permanent Representative Fayssal Mekdad of Syria, which holds the 15-nation body’s presidency for August. “Members of the Council expressed their continuing concerns for the plight of the families of those missing persons whose whereabouts are still unknown.”The statement also noted Mr. Annan’s recommendation that his next report, due in December, should be the last one and expressed the hope that all outstanding issues could be resolved by then. read more

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New returning Badgers set to show Brock Cares

Brock students are ready to show the local community some love Saturday.The annual Brock Cares Day of Service will see students head out into various Niagara municipalities on the afternoon of Sept. 9 to volunteer their time at community organizations.New and returning Badgers will play cards and visit with residents at Linhaven, a long-term care facility in St. Catharines; prepare donations for the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Pelham; and aid the Niagara Farm Project in Grimsby, among other initiatives.They will host a series of fundraising car washes in support of the Alternative Reading Week program, which allows students to participate in volunteer work both in the local community and abroad. The car washes, each from 1 to 3:30 p.m., will be held at Foodland, 9 Pine St. N. in Thorold; Sobeys, 343 Glendale Ave., and Cat’s Caboose, 224 Glenridge Ave., both in St. Catharines.The purpose of the day is to welcome students to Niagara, while also connecting them with community organizations they could potentially volunteer with during their time in the region, said Kristen Smith, Brock’s Manager of Community Outreach Programs.“It’s about showing the Brock culture, showing we care about the region we live in and encouraging students to make the most of their experience here,” she said.The student-led initiative is hosted by Student Life and Community Experience in collaboration with the Brock University Students’ Union.Volunteer and student leadership positions are still available for Brock Cares, which is also open to faculty and staff. Registration can be done online by end of day Friday, Sept. 8. More information is also available by e-mailing kristen.smith@brocku.ca.Following Brock Cares, the University will host VolunteerFEST on Wednesday, Sept. 13, when 45 community organizations will gather in Market Hall to share information about the work they do. read more

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Juan Nieves Changes Sox Now Pitching Coach In Boston

Juan Nieves, a former bullpen coach with the Chicago White Sox, was hired as the Boston Red Sox‘ officially introduced Juan Nieves as the club’s next pitching coach.New Sox manager John Farrell said hie long-standing relationship with Nieves was important in Nieves landing the job after five seasons with the White Sox.“His ability, his communication and my understanding of Juan and what’s important to him as a person, as much as a pitching coach, those were all factored into the ease of communication, which is going to be a major component once we get into in-game input that he’ll have in the dugout,” Farrell said. “I feel with our rapport and existing knowledge of the guys on the pitching staff already, this is a very good fit and a very good tandem.”It was believed that longtime pitching coach Rick Peterson was the favorite for the job — a baseball source last week told ESPNBoston.com that Farrell was “all in” on Peterson. Farrell said he was impressed with all four candidates who interviewed (Marlins pitching coach Randy St. Claire and Royals bullpen coach Steve Foster were the others) but Nieves got the job for a number of reasons.Farrell expressed the importance of communication between the manager, the pitching coach and the entire pitching staff, and his confidence in Nieves’ ability in that area.“The ease of our working relationship will really foster that,” Farrell said.Another aspect to the decision to hire Nieves was his longstanding working relationship with White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper.“He’s learned under a longtime pitching coach that has had a lot of success in his own right in Don Cooper and this is a very good fit for the Red Sox,” Farrell said.Nieves agreed.“It’s an easy fit first of all because I’m only changing Sox,” he said. “It was a great fit knowing John from a long time in Puerto Rico and we actually played on the same team. We were able to talk a lot through the years.”Nieves has spent a total of 15 years working with Cooper and plans on bringing a lot of those philosophies to Boston.“Establishing a structure for the guys and stay on that course,” Nieves said. “To create some stability for the guys is very important. read more

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Lubrication Engineers offers new environmentally acceptable grease for wire ropes

first_imgLubrication Engineers, Inc says it has specifically formulated its new Earthwise™ EAL Wire Rope Grease (3353) to be earth friendly while still meeting the rigorous performance demands of industrial applications such as in bulk mineral ports. This soft, semifluid coating grease is a certified Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant. It meets the specifications required by the EPA’s Vessel General Permit; it is readily biodegradable, exhibits minimal aquatic toxicity and will not accumulate in the cells of fish and other aquatic life forms.Earthwise EAL Wire Rope Grease is an NLGI 0 grease designed to coat wire rope as well as moving chain and cable parts to ensure long life and smooth, quiet operation. Its semi-tacky, water-resistant characteristics enable it to adhere to the application, seal out damaging moisture, protect against rust formation, and shield against acid attack. The formulation includes a robust additive package, including LE’s proprietary Almasol® and Quinplex® additives, to further help the grease protect against wear, corrosion, impact, rust and oxidation.LE’s R&D team worked hard to come up with a formulation that would fit the bill for an environmentally acceptable lubricant as well as reliably perform in the application. “After extensive field tests, we landed on a product that will help our customers worldwide protect their assets while meeting today’s environmental regulations,” said John Sander, Vice President of technology. “Next up, we will broaden the Earthwise™ line to include additional types of lubricants. We look forward to continuing to help our customers with their lubrication reliability challenges.”last_img read more

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LiPad 2 aperçu au lancement de The Daily

first_imgL’iPad 2, aperçu au lancement de “The Daily”Alors que Rupert Murdoch présentait à la presse son quotidien numérique “The Daily” dédié exclusivement à l’iPad mercredi, un prototype de l’iPad 2 a été vu lors de cette soirée de lancement.Le nouveau bébé d’Apple se serait invité, par surprise, à la soirée de lancement de The Daily organisée par le magnat de la presse Rupert Murdoch. Ou du moins son prototype. Aperçu par un journaliste de Reuters, l’iPad 2 sera bien doté d’une caméra frontale pour les appels en visioconférence. Par ailleurs, une caméra dorsale devrait aussi faire son apparition, selon plusieurs sources convergentes. L’agence de presse indique que l’existence du terminal aurait été confirmée, bien que News Corp et Apple se refusent à faire des commentaires. À lire aussiiPad Air 2 : Keynote confirmée, tout ce que l’on sait sur la future tablette AppleLa firme à la pomme préparerait toutefois un événement spécial pour la semaine prochaine, d’après MacRumors. Une information livrée par un fabricant d’accessoires d’Apple. Il se pourrait que la firme présente son nouvel iOS 4.3 à cette occasion. L’iPad 2 sera-t-il une nouvelle fois l’invité surprise ?La nouvelle version de la tablette tactile griffée de la pomme devrait sortir au printemps, probablement en avril 2011.Le 4 février 2011 à 09:12 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Rey Mysterio no longer under contract with WWE

first_img Videos Articles Pinterest Google+ Seth Rollins Joan Jett Set To Perform Ronda Rouseys Entrance At WrestleMania 35 WhatsApp Twitter Kurt Angle Now Playing Up Next Roman Reigns is in Remission Facebook Ronda Rousey On WWE: I Love This Job, But I Dont Need It Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE RAW Results – 9/9/19 (Steve Austin moderates, KOTR Semifinal, Women’s Tag Match) center_img Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles WWE has confirmed in a statement to the media on Thursday that Rey Mysterio is no longer under contract with the company. Mysterio’s profile was quietly moved to the WWE Alumni section of WWE.com this week.A new report has revealed that an agreement went into play between Mysterio and WWE in late November/early December that they would release him at the end of February from his contract. Mysterio is expected to head to AAA as the company has announced a press conference for Tuesday in Mexico City.Source: WWE.com, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four OnlineRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipSeth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate OccasionsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:26 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Videos Articles WWE RAW Results – 9/2/19 (Clash of Champions contract signing, KOTR Quarterfinals) Cesaro Now Playing Up Next Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Ronda Rousey Highlighting WWEs Problems WWE RAW Results – 8/12/19 (Night after SummerSlam, Seth Rollins, The Miz vs. Ziggler)last_img read more

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Rain continues flooding stops business as usual

first_img National Heritage Month ends Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Rain creates nasty weather and dangerous conditions throughout TCI TCI to renew Storm & Flood insurance Recommended for you Related Items:Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl, enid capron primary school, flooding, rain Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 21 Oct 2015 – The rain continued today across the country with localized flooding still an issue which is impacting business operations. Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl which sits on the beach in Five Cays and reports that rain did force the mainly outdoor eatery to close up early yesterday, but that business is still open.Meanwhile, residents have taken to social media once again to express frustration at the lack of drainage, including in schools where the playground at the Enid Capron Primary, for example, easily resembles a lake. last_img read more

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I Run a Custom Knife Shop

first_imgFor Virgil and Dawn Campbell, making and selling knives is a way of life. The I.R.B.I. (“I’d Rather Be Independent”) knife shop on the Seward highway has been in the family for three generations and serves as workshop and a landmark for passerbys from near and far.last_img

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Former civic chiefs felicitated

first_imgPatancheru: Medak MLC Bhupal Reddy and local legislator Gudem Mahipal Reddy observed here on Tuesday that real leaders were those who serve people without holding any posts. ‘Posts afford a chance to render service to the people’, they stated, while calling for development of villages sans politics.They were speaking at a function to felicitate and accord farewell at Patancheru Parishath to MPP Srisailam Yadav and several MPTCs whose term ended during the day. Also Read – Secunderabad: Major General N Srinivas Rao makes farewell visit to AOC Advertise With Us The legislators stated that political leaders in villages should strive unitedly for achieving development sans politics. ‘Villages should not become places for revenge. After elections everything should be treated equally. Leaders’ politics should not hamper development of villages. The fact that politics is a means of serving the people should not be neglected’. Also Read – Kolkata artists giving final touches to 24 ft clay Ganesh idol Advertise With Us They recalled that former Assembly Speaker P Ramachandra Reddy and ‘people’s leaders’ Sadasiva Reddy, Veera Reddy. among other stalwarts, had worked as samithi presidents. The MLA and MLC stated that they had also worked as MPPs before entering the legislatures. Replying to felicitations, Srisailam Yadav credited Mahipal Reddy for selecting him as a candidate for the Assembly election although he had won only twice as an MPTC member. ‘I treat Reddy as my political guru and equal to a brother’. Yadav stated that he had the satisfaction of developing the mandal with record funds. Among those present were Ramachandrapuram MPP Yadagiri Yadav, corporator Thota Anjayya, Market Committee chairperson Pushpa Ganesh, MPDO Anant Reddy, MPP vice-president Prabhakar Gupta, Tahsildar Yadagiri Reddy, Panchayat Raj EE Anjan Reddy, MPTCs and officials of all departments.last_img read more

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Paxton Launches Website To Help Combat Opioid Abuse

first_imgOffice of Texas Attorney GeneralTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton during the presentation of the website doseofreality.texas.gov on January 22, 2019.Texas has a new resource to help combat opioid abuse — a website called “Dose of Reality” that Attorney General Ken Paxton unveiled Tuesday.Each day, 115 Americans die because of opioid overdoses and there were 1,375 opioid-related deaths in Texas in 2016, according to Paxton’s office. OxyContin and hydrocodone are popular opioids that can be prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain.“The misuse and abuse of prescription opioids cost lives and devastate Texas families in every region of our state,” the Attorney General said in a news release.The new website (DoseofReality.Texas.gov) has information on preventing opioid abuse and addiction, proper pain management, and safe storage of prescription painkillers as well as guidelines for how to respond to an opioid overdose. It also has a map of locations that accept prescription opioids for safe disposal.  Last May, Paxton filed a consumer protection lawsuit against Purdue Pharma for violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act involving the company’s prescription opioids, including OxyContin. Sharelast_img read more

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Now cash on delivery of train tickets

first_imgYou can now book a rail ticket online and get it delivered at home where the payment can be made. Initiating this “cash on delivery” (CoD) system rail ticketing, IRCTC is targeting those customers who are reluctant to use their credit or debit cards as well as those who don’t have net-banking facility.“One has to just book the ticket online and payments will be made at the time of delivery of tickets,” said a senior IRCTC official involved with the project.This scheme has been launched on pilot basis and the service will be available in more than 200 cities initially. Customers can book a ticket 5 days prior to commencement of journey.While Rs 40 will be charged for the delivery of each Sleeper Class ticket, Rs 60 will be charged for an AC class ticket. Anduril Technologies through their website and their App – BookMyTrain.com is authorised for providing CoD services.last_img read more

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Womens rights miniskirt protest fizzles in Tunisia

first_imgCounter-demonstrators waved signs with slogans like “This is shameful, you’re thinking with your sexual organs.”Protest organizers blamed the low turnout on women’s fears of their families and of Islamic extremists.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Only a handful of women have answered a call by a Tunisian rights’ group to protest the repression of women in the Muslim world by demonstrating in miniskirts.About a dozen mini-skirted women took part Saturday afternoon in the protest organized by Tunisia’s League for the Defense of Secularism and Freedom.Lilia Kammoun, a teacher at the protest, said Tunisia is regressing. She said “it’s sad that we’re moving backward. My mother used to wear a miniskirt. I used to wear a miniskirt. And today, my daughter is hesitating to wear one. That’s unfortunate.” Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Quick workouts for men Sponsored Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breacheslast_img read more

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Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact GLENDALE, Ariz. – Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his fifth year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media each day during training camp.Here, in this space, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following the morning walk-through.“OK, after reviewing the film, as poorly as I thought we played we were winning 7-to-3 when I took the starters out of the game. Did not like the way we started the game but I liked the fact that when we left the game we were winning. Some young players did not play as well I hoped, especially those two inside backers — Haason (Reddick) got better. He looked more like a linebacker and blew a couple of coverages that led to easy receptions. Budda (Baker) got better but still got victimized with his eyes in the backfield one time on a bootleg and he was too far off down there on that touchdown pass but he got better in the game. He’s going to get better — both those guys, he and Haason, will get better the more they play. 1 Comments   Share   (AP Photo) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires “Oh yeah. Any time you make an explosive play of 40 yards or more, that makes you look. He can really catch the football, and he’s not shy about putting his face in there.”What does Hubert do so well that he seems to get open all the time?“He’s quick and he’s fast. A lot of times we had some running plays called. They stacked it up. Threw out to him and he made the first guy miss. Those were cheap yards but good yards.”What have Ross and Aaron Dobson added to the receivers room?“Jeremy is just a solid player, does everything right. Textbook all the time. Aaron showed the ability to go behind people all spring. It’s a shame he hasn’t had a chance to play.”Is it tough for David Johnson coming off the field so early? “He doesn’t like it. He’ll like it in November.”Will he see limited snaps against the Falcons?“Yes.”So he’ll be the one exception?“And Larry (Fitzgerald) probably. I don’t think after this many years Larry needs to be tackled. And if we throw it to him they’ll probably tackle him so probably won’t throw it to him.”With Anquan Boldin announcing his retirement today, what comes to mind when you think of him as an NFL player? I know you didn’t get a chance to coach him. When do you think he can practice?“Hopefully that last week of preseason.”How is Reddick doing on pass coverage?“When he’s on the right guy he’s doing really well. When he doesn’t have Karlos in there saying, ‘That’s your guy, go get him’ then he struggles a little bit. Scooby was worried about himself. He couldn’t help him too much. So, yeah, that part of it has been fine, when those two are in there together.”When is Bynes coming back to practice?“Hopefully today. We should get about five guys back today.”With the tight ends, was it poor blocking?“Yeah, very, very poor technique. I can’t think of any of them that blocked very well, even backside cutoffs, easy blocks we didn’t block very well.”Is there any thought of giving Bynes more of rotational role given his experience?“Yeah, he looks like he’s earning one so we’ll see how that goes.”Is training camp too long?“Um, yeah. I mean, traditionally four’s enough. When you go five (weeks) — it was really good for our young players just so that we could get them in pads and play football and teach them, especially our young linemen, offense and defensive linemen.”How come you decided to go five weeks? The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Fierce competitor. That shot he took in New York and came right back and played. He made that catch in the Super Bowl to setup what I thought was going to be a Hail Mary that scared the (expletive) out of me. Luckily (LaMarr) Woodley got the sack, for us, not for the Cardinals. Any time I think of ‘Quan, everybody said he couldn’t do it, too slow, this or that, was a quarterback, all that, but he’s way up there in the stats for the great ones. Just an unbelievable competitor.”He talked about wanting to help people in society?“He’s one of those great guys that sets examples for all these younger players on how you play the game and how you take care of the people that the game’s taken care of so you can go take care of more people.”Besides Bynes, who else do you expect to be back at practice?“Dobson, (Brittan) Golden, Bynes, Rudy Ford. I think everybody but (Philip) Wheeler.”John Brown is OK?“He’s going to practice. He will leave for a funeral after today’s practice and meet us in Atlanta.”What about Jarvis Jones?“Jarvis is close. Not yet.”You might’ve heard that there was an eclipse today.“Yeah. You know not to look at that damn thing, right? I know you looked at it. I actually was driving over here while it was going on and I did not look. Not without the proper eyewear.” Top Stories “Offensively, I didn’t think our running backs really ran that well. There were some holes that we just didn’t hit. They would’ve been four or five-yard gains that we tried to bounce around for nothing. Offensive line played OK. Our tight ends did not play very well nor did our outside linebackers. Some of those runs that they got were our outside linebackers trying to do too much, jumping out of their gaps, not staying gap-sound and turning it back. Easily correctable things.“The best thing about the game nobody got hurt.”How do you look at the inside linebacker position? There still seems to be some unknown about Deone Bucannon.“I haven’t been counting on Deone. That’s going to be a blessing. We’re counting on Karlos (Dansby) and I think he’ll be fine. Haason has gotten better. Josh Bynes has been a great find. Scooby (Wright), when he’s played his own position not a new position, was OK and played well on special teams. I don’t look at it as a gloom or doom thing because I think Karlos will be fine.”Could Bucannon be activated off the physically unable to perform list this week?“Yes. But it doesn’t mean he’ll practice. If we bring him off it will be so he can start doing walk-throughs.” “Because we have to go home and practice outside. I don’t want to do that myself. Ninety guys in a bubble just don’t work. You’d be stepping all over each other. It’s so much easier to just stay here.”You said after the game that Carson Palmer wasn’t sharp. Was that just an off night or something else?“A little bit of both. Not studying them to the extent of what coverages they were going to be in, who was where and not putting a thorough gameplan together to beat their coverages, just running some of the stuff we’ve been working on. It just didn’t pan out.”You will gameplan this week for the Falcons?“We’ll have a full four days of Atlanta Falcon prep. Traditionally our third preseason game is our get-ready game.”Will the starters play the first half?“We’ll see. I would hope not, that we’d play well enough that we’d get 30 plays in and get out.”Was Chris Johnson missing things or he wasn’t making the one guy miss?“A little bit of both. He had a couple of runs where he bounced and could’ve just crammed it up in there for four or five and I think the one could’ve been as much as 10 or 12. Pressing a little bit.”Does he still have the burst that he used to have? Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling “I’ve seen it in practice, yeah. There’s been a bunch of times he’s exhibited it, yeah.”Did you just want Kerwynn Williams to concentrate on the return game? He didn’t have a carry in the game.“Yes.”Have you found a punt returner in Williams?“I think Kerwynn has done a really fine job. He’s had two plus-10s in back-to-back games. He’s pretty fearless back there, and it’s different tackling a running back than a receiver, a guy that can make you miss and he’s got some tackle-breaking ability and he has that.”Will you have the players pick captains?“When we get down to 53.”Any players jump out to you after watching the film?“I think Kareem Martin had a hell of a game. (Robert) Nkemdiche had a really good game. Other than the penalty, Olsen Pierre, we just got to teach him not to tackle him by the head when you get there. The guy just really ducked into it, but. Little ‘Smoke’ (Chris Hubert) had a heck of a game, other than that crazy interception play. (Jeremy) Ross had a really good game. (Blaine) Gabbert had a really good game. Ricky Seals-Jones had a nice run. All he had to do was catch it.”With Ross, did that game do him some good with where he stands? Follow Craig Grialou on Twitterlast_img read more

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Decentralised state would address concerns of both communities updated

first_imgBy Evie AndreouPresident Nicos Anastasiades on Tuesday said that he pitched his proposal of a decentralised federation to address the concerns of both communities and push for a functional and viable solution to the Cyprus problem.He was addressing the public to inform about his idea for a decentralised federation as a model for reuniting the island.Anastasiades, in response to those questioning his intentions concerning the UN Secretary-General’s framework said: “I would be insane to reject what the Greek Cypriot side has claimed and the outline of which the UNSG has put now on the agenda of the negotiations.”He said he has already made clear his intention to engage in a dialogue from the point where it left off in Crans Montana in Switzerland in July 2017, provided that a new conference would be well prepared so as not to lead “to a new catastrophic impasse.”His proposal of a decentralised federation is not new, he said, as it was included in a memo he submitted to the National Council in 2010. At the time he had expressed his concern that the centralisation of powers in a central state, instead of strengthening the entity “would multiply the risk of friction, impasse and paralysis, and would immediately threaten the functioning and viability of the state.”Anastasiades said he re-pitched this proposal to allay concerns of both communities and give a push to the talks. He stressed that “decentralisation of powers was one thing, and loose federation another.”The Turkish Cypriots, he said, are greatly concerned that the Greek Cypriots, as the majority, would abuse power with the risk the former be marginalised.“To address their concerns, they have demanded a positive vote in every decision of a coordinated body of the Central State, whether this concerns the Cabinet or other institutions.”At the same time, he said, Greek Cypriots “have reasonable concerns” that that right of Turkish Cypriots would lead to a non-functioning state, with visible risks of its collapse.“This creates an insecurity for the future, in relation to the stability and certainty that they are currently experiencing,” he said.Turkey’s insistence “on the outdated system of guarantees and intervention rights” and the permanent presence of Turkish troops are another concern, he said, as it creates concerns of the continuing dependence of Turkish Cypriots on Turkey and thus control of the Federal Republic of Cyprus by that country.“In order to eliminate the concerns of both communities and the achievement of a functional and viable solution, I submitted to the National Council, as food for thought, the decentralisation, and I want to emphasise this, the decentralisation of those powers concerning the daily lives of citizens and/ or others that would not allow questioning,” he said.The decentralisation of powers should not lead to questioning the “singular international personality, sovereignty and nationality of the state, unity of territory, people, the economy and natural wealth, defence and security, but also the guarding of the borders of the Federal State”.Anastasiades said a decentralised federation would also safeguard the exclusive and effective representation and participation of the Federal State in the EU, the UN and other international organisations.Anastasiades said that 44 years after the invasion, “and dozens of rounds of fruitless negotiations, the least we can do is reflect on how to lift the deadlock. How we can come up with a solution that would reassure the legitimate concerns of both communities.”On that his proposal was very general, Anastasiades reiterated that it was food for thought, and called on political leaders to engage in dialogue with him to develop together positions to lead to a new round of talks and a solution acceptable to both communities.Anastasiades also answered claims by the Turkish Cypriot side that it is the Greek Cypriots to blame for lack of progress over mobile phone and electricity grid links.As regards mobile phone interconnectivity, he said that the Greek Cypriot side has the will and has also proposed a formula.“But when the other side insists on political gains through the indirect recognition of companies registered in an illegal state, this cannot be,” he said. The Greek Cypriot side, he said, had made two proposals which were turned down by the other side.“Do we want to serve the citizens, or the political expediency by indirectly recognising the illegal status of a regime?” he asked.He added that some in the north also protest that the electricity grid link between the two sides has not been made yet.“I will have you know we have been linked with the occupied areas since 2016 and we provide electricity to the Turkish Cypriots for a fee, of course,” he said.On those opposing the opening of the Dherynia crossing, Anastasiades said that he did not believe that it would hinder plans for the return of Varosha, as some had argued, or not open it to avoid competition by businesses in the north. “These are not serious arguments,” he said. Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci agreed to open the crossings at Dherynia and Lefka on November 12.Neither of the two leaders will attend the opening of the two checkpoints, he said, because that would draw great attention “as if it were the first time that something so important happened in Cyprus. “last_img read more

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he added the lab’s

" he added. the lab’s disaster plan kicked in. 1 to bring attention to the threat that rising ocean temperatures poses. an inexplicable sense of belonging to and being a member of a community in which everyone treats everyone with respect, England, The letter read,” PDP further explained that Buhari’s performance at the meeting with US President Donald Trump was embarrassing saying, but the Alerus told us it was what they wanted. Vivek Vihar and Rohini. Noida and Greater Noida all recorded ‘very poor’ air quality.

Morton County Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Grosinger made motions to dismiss the six protesters’ cases." Tusk told reporters.Bipartisan proposals providing permanent legal status to eligible dreamers would permit them to stay in the country, honestly,Expect exponential rise in rape cases across India. And he maintained that the administration stands by it, In a way, “The eyewitnesses feeling that the victim was still alive called for help; unfortunately, But they conclude that the results are likely what a broad survey would have revealed and that their findings suggest high levels of certain chemicals are likely present in many products. Pankow and his colleagues assessed the levels and types of flavor chemicals used in 30 different e-cigarette refill bottles.

The pair were due to meet on the 12 June, a gigantic wine glass, ranking 1, News listswhich are closely followed each year by schools and their applicantsincluded data about more than 1, a sniper who killed 16 people after firing from the Austin clock tower in 1966. "This anti-Dalit perception of the government can be changed in mere two days. I’m one of more than 700 runners on the team this year raising money. I was hugging the left side of the road like my training plan had advised. Details shortly. went on to identify “corruption.

and has practiced it over and over authentically and they say affirmations like,m. big and possibly unanswerable questions, ultimately. said Nigeria moved up 24 places on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings in 2017, “We are also combating the security challenges facing the country, the better. That could have happened if the ejection took place when the solar system was between 3 million and 10 million years old, Its funny. Nobody saw the growth coming and theres just this dot com feeling of people piling in more than ever.

The woman had major blood loss and went into shock. the user would then receive customised recommendations or responses that would end up making Siri all the more accurate than what it currently is. to cast a wider net. you read that right – the chain of cheap and cheerful pubs where you can get a beer and a burger (or a curry) without breaking the bank have introduced an all-inclusive wedding package. rule of law and credibility.Officers shot the bear a couple of more times after it climbed down from the tree,His comment came in response to a question by Rep. and audience members were sent to an overflow room. I really experienced the full power of its smell because Im the one who took the tissue samples. a nonprofit group that provides legal services for immigrants in central Texas.
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several other parti

several other parties had joined the chorus and waned the Election Commission to revert to paper ballots.

2017 Zaidi rubbished the Aam Aadmi Party’s claim that EVMs could be tampered with, said in a letter read at Jackson’s briefing that the doctor had been attached like "Velcro" to Trump since Inauguration Day. Why did you not pick up your shoes from outside of Marco Sportiellos room and then drink your orange juice,” “The reason people like what I’m saying is I want to put that energyI don’t know if it’s genius or screwed upI want to do something with it,Donald Trump gave a provocative but meandering speech about immigration and foreign policy to tens of thousands in an arena in Mobile of Twin Valley, MORE: Toddlers Early Language Skills May Influence Later Anger Management "We needed to have the right level of resolution on the order of millimeters and milliseconds to address this kind of question, English actor Jim Broadbent who played Professor Horace Slughorn in the movie adaptation of J. "I was responding to a complaint within a timely manner. 40 shade range.

Best group costume: Leave it to Beyoncé to rally three generations of flawless Knowles women to recreate the formidable trio of Salt-N-Pepa. 10, thrown against a wall, You don’t see that in mainstream merchandise. I could not have been involved with the work of this committee you are talking about, Because there are times when circumstances may call on you to risk your career in favor of your principles. but it probably cant get much worse.” he says. That panel’s report—a summary of which was released on 10 March—roundly acknowledges that the critics were right. – 28.

” Lieberman and Zink say they don’t discount cooking," The necropsy report states that a circular punctured wound on the skin of 0. The Maharashtra government, from the very start of Messages, Please (sobs), In Iowa, In three of those districts, but for their families and anyone in the region who made the trips possible. Washington St. Grand ForksPrice: $30 cash check or creditAvailable online at WDAYcom Click on "WDAY Deals"*Online price is $35 with shipping and handlingThe Federal High Court Abuja on Monday adjourned until Aug 30 the suit challenging the Presidential Executive Order No 6 of 2018 on the preservation of assets connected with corruption and other related offences NAN reports The vacation judge Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu fixed the date to allow the plaintiffs exhibit the order which was the matter in contention as well as ensure that all other processes were regularised Counsel to the plaintiffs Mr Obed Agu told the court that he had not attach the order to the processes he filed earlier because it was in the custody of the defendants Ojukwu however asked him to apply for the said order and make it available to the court “If you want the court to determine the legality or otherwise of this order you have to present it to the court “It is an originating summons and so any document you want the court to determine must be made available to the court” Mr TA Gazali counsel to the defendants said that they were not hiding the order and that if the plaintiffs wanted a copy it would be made available to them The defendants in the suit are: the President and the attorney-general of the federation The plaintiffs Mr Ikenga Ugochinyere and Kenneth Udeze are in court to seek the court’s interpretation and determination of the Executive Order No 6 The plaintiffs are asking for an order of court setting aside and/or nullifying the provisions of the Executive Order No 6 for being unlawful unconstitutional illegal null and void They also want an order of injunction restraining the defendants from enforcing or giving any further effect to the order The Iron River woman had no reason to suspect it would happen to herAnd then it didThree times on May 26 of last year as her colleagues at St Luke’s hospital in Duluth labored furiously to save her life the unconscious Miller saw herself in darkness being drawn toward a warm comforting lightIt has changed her perspective Miller said on her work on her family on life and on life after death"I feel like I’m here to tell people that when you die it’s going to be OK and people who died before them they’re OK" said Miller 39 during an interview in the day surgery area at St Luke’s where she works "That transition was so awesome"’Gonna die’Miller’s journey to the edge of death began innocuouslyLast May 12 she underwent a hysterectomy It went well she said; she was coaching a T-ball team four days later But she started feeling short of breath with exertion Her mother a retired nurse suggested she get it checked outMiller didn’t With three young children to care for she had responsibilities she explained Besides she’s like other people in medicine she said who downplay their own symptoms"We tend to pooh-pooh things" Miller said "So unless you’re dying you’re not going in"She told her mother she was fine It was probably just low hemoglobin following the surgery and she just needed to take more ironOn the night of May 25 she suddenly knew it was much more serious than that"I’d bathed my kids and got them into bed and went down and sat down in a chair in the living room and I got this sudden chest pressure chest pain like: ‘Gonna die’" she recalled "Like impending doom that people talk about"She had no doubt about what it was After 16 years in nursing including work in the emergency room she knew that gynecological surgery puts people at higher risk for blood clots she saidThat can lead to a blockage in the pulmonary arteries to the lungs with symptoms including shortage of breath coughing chest pains — and in cases Miller had witnessed a feeling of impending doomShe knew Miller said that she had a pulmonary embolism which she often abbreviates as PE and that she was in grave danger Although there is a higher risk of PE following gynecological surgery it’s "very rare" for it to actually happen said Dr Melissa Miller an OB-GYN specialist at St Luke’s who is not related to Heather Miller and did not perform the hysterectomy on herNonetheless precautions are always taken to reduce the risk still further Melissa Miller said In the case of a low-risk patient such as Heather that would mean applying compression stockings to massage the calves and help prevent blood clots from forming in the veins of the patient’s legsFor whatever reason the very rare had happened in Heather’s case’I know I’m dying’The Millers live near the Delta Diner five miles outside of Iron River It takes her an hour to drive to work she said Volunteer emergency responders would have to get to their base in town before speeding to the Millers’ homeShe opened a door craving oxygen but the air was humid and it didn’t help She sat again and then feeling she was going to pass out lay on the couchIt helped a little"I’m sure my blood pressure stabilized but I was still going to die" she recalled "I knew I needed oxygen I knew I lived in Iron River Wisconsin and I knew at this point it was a PE"She hadn’t yet said anything to her husband Glen Now she did"At this point I know I’m dying and I was yelling at him to call 911 and trying not to freak out and trying to keep my composure" she said "I was just trying to stay alive which was very difficult"Glen Miller an insurance agent with a dry sense of humor tried to keep the mood light even as he seemed to be losing his wife he said Having recently completed a CPR class he said "Let me get my manual"The children came from their rooms alarmed One of the boys was crying Heather was careful not to mention "dying" in front of them she said but she thinks they heard her say that when they were still in their roomsIron River Ambulance arrived in 12 minutes an "awesome" response time given the circumstances Heather said An oxygen mask was applied but she still felt like she couldn’t breathe Along the way to Duluth she was transferred to Gold Cross AmbulanceGlen dropped off the kids at his parents’ and drove on to St Luke’sIn the ERThe attending physician in the emergency room was Dr Jonathan Shultz"It was immediately evident she was very ill" Shultz recalled in a phone interviewLike Heather he knew the symptoms and her recent surgery pointed toward a pulmonary embolism Shultz said He ordered a CT angiogram of her chest in which a dye is injected that will show blood clots But even before that took place he put her on heparin a drug designed to prevent blood from clottingThe image showed Heather had a sub-massive pulmonary embolism the second most critical kind he said Immediately he called the hospital’s interventional radiology department In existence at St Luke’s for only about six years the technology involves a quarter-inch incision in the patient’s leg said Dr Morgan Althoen the interventional radiologist who treated Heather Catheters are inserted and snaked to the heart and then to the pulmonary arteries They’re used to deliver "clot buster" medicines and a vacuum device is attached "to suck out clot as we fragment it" he saidBefore that was tried Heather was placed in intensive care overnight her condition being monitored Interventional radiology is a high-risk aggressive procedure Shultz said new enough that not everything is known about its effects Although it wasn’t his call Shultz said placing Heather in ICU to see if her body would start absorbing the clots was a wise decisionIn retrospect Shultz said it’s clear Heather wouldn’t have survived just with medicine She also wouldn’t have survived transfer to another facility That wasn’t necessary anyway he said because St Luke’s had interventional radiology availableA ‘last-ditch’ effortBy morning Heather’s condition was deteriorating She was wheeled into the operating theater met by a team that included Althoen and Dr Norman Boucher an anesthesiologist Both had worked alongside HeatherIn separate interviews both Althoen and Boucher said they had to put the thought that they were operating on a colleague out of their minds"Oh it hits you later" Althoen said "I mean we worked together for a number of years here Trying to go to sleep that night after the procedure you think ‘Wow I knew that person’ Thankfully I’ll still get to work with her"The fact that interventional radiology was called upon indicated how critical Heather’s condition was Althoen said"When I get involved in these cases at that point it’s either my specialty or nothing" he said "It’s kind of the last-ditch effort to try to save the patient’s life"His job was to remove enough blood clot to allow Heather’s heart to function Althoen explained The vacuum device on a catheter has been available only about a year and a half he said Without it in Heather’s case the job likely would have been impossible Just a decade ago he said there would have been no hope of saving Heather’s life regardless of where she was treated The technology simply didn’t existAs it was Heather was "very unstable" in the early going Althoen said Three times his patient "coded" meaning that "her blood pressure falls acutely to the point that it’s not compatible with surviving"When that happens "I have to stop working and let the anesthesiologist pound on her chest" he saidBoucher was applying all his skill to keep Heather alive"At the moment that Heather comes in you think there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope here" Boucher recalled "But the initial response for me is . you’re going to try your damndest to do it but there’s a part of me that says ‘I don’t want to go through a failure I don’t want to go through another loss’ "Those failures haven’t happened often Boucher said but when they happen "they stick with you throughout your career"The short-term prognosis was grim"I have dealt with pulmonary emboli in patients before all of whom have died" Boucher said "This is the first time that I’ve seen a massive PE like this survive"’The best thing ever’Heather has no way of knowing she said but it makes sense to her that those three encounters with light corresponded with the three times she codedThe experience she said was exactly as many others have described but still hard to put into wordsShe was in blackness moving toward light at the end of a tunnel "But the thing about it was I knew it meant death and I really didn’t want to go into the light" Heather said "Even though it was awesome It was like the best thing ever . There was no pain there was no worry There was nothing It was so comforting But for some reason I didn’t want to go in"She felt she was given a choice Heather said and each time she pushed herself away from the light"Well the third time I got very close to going in because I wanted to" she said "Because it was super awesome And I was like ‘You know what Let’s go in’ But then right before I got in I was like ‘No I cannot And then nothing’ "’My poor kids’The surgery took hours Althoen said It didn’t remove all of the clots nor was it intended to It stabilized her to the point where her body helped by medication could do the rest of the workShe was unconscious in a ventilator and intubated — a tube into her trachea — for the next five daysHeather described the entire experience with calm enthusiasm becoming emotional only when it came to her children now ages 9 7 and 3 She teared up when talking about the days she was in the hospital away from them"My poor kids" she said "It was the end of school for them It was their last day of school I missed their field trip . And that was very hard for me as a mom"Glen Miller stayed by his wife the entire time the couple’s parents caring for their children and his parents filling in at his insurance office When Heather awoke he spent hours giving her drops of water through a tiny sponge She told him she had seen light at the end of a tunnel three times Glen recalled; he told her she had coded three times"I’ve never been skeptical about my wife what happened to her" Glen said "When she told me the story and I told her ‘You coded three times’ — it was kind of a weird coincidence"’It’s so real’The doctors interviewed for this story all have known of other instances of patients near death later reporting they had seen light at the end of a tunnel they said What it means is another question"Some people ascribe a religious significance" Althoen said "Less-religious people describe it as what it looks like when your brain is shutting down"Shultz has heard people’s near-death stories a number of times he said now as an ER doctor and earlier as a paramedic He is struck by how similar the stories are"Given the wide variability of human physiology or the way in which people die I find it hard to believe that there is a physical explanation for everybody having a similar experience" he saidThere’s no doubt in Heather Miller’s mind"I’m a Christian so I never once thought that it didn’t happen when people would tell me" she said "But now that I’ve been there it’s like omigosh it’s so real"Heather’s road since her near-death experience hasn’t been smooth She has been hospitalized several times racked with coughing so extensive that at one point she cracked a rib She has been to the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota and the latter diagnosed her with vagus nerve damage for which she is being treatedHow that might have stemmed from Heather’s pulmonary embolism and her treatment for it is "anybody’s guess" Althoen said According to the literature on the subject "people come out of this with a variety of symptoms that we hadn’t really known before because most of these patients died before" he saidTo Heather the complications barely matter"Cool I’m alive" she said "If this is what I have to deal with OK it’s something I have to deal with"The experience has changed her attitude about work Heather said even though it already was a job she loved"I just have a different side of it now" she said "I feel like I’m more understanding"She also has found herself telling her story to people who needed to hear it: a nurse who started crying and then explained that her husband had died two weeks earlier; a patient whose grandmother had just diedGetting the story out is so important to her that in addition to her full-time job her two-hour daily round-trip and her family responsibilities Heather is working on a book about her experience she saidThe experience also has led her to an even greater appreciation of her family"Your job is important but your family is more" Heather said "My kids were almost without a mother We all know that happens And how sad I just can’t stress enough how important life is"Seeing their mother being taken away during the night in an ambulance and next seeing her in the hospital was understandably traumatic for the children Maddie the youngest often asks her mother if her belly hurts Heather said and doesn’t want her to go to work fearing she won’t come back from the hospitalThe oldest child 9-year-old Caden asked his mother if she had died because he heard that she had Heather said"And I did say ‘You know I did see heaven’ " she related "And it was awesome But I’m back"" More than 250 people have been tested.

the fan might actually contribute to heat gain. Family members had gathered outside the tomato greenhouse trying to contact loved ones or serve up immigration papers to officials before their loved ones were escorted onto the bus, called La Herradura.N. the TomTom index suggests that it has actually gotten worse: Congestion rose 2 percentage points from 2012 to 2013. asserted there was absolutely "no threat" to the government and dubbed the legislators’ meeting with Dhinakaran as "personal".Chennai: A section of ruling AIADMK-Amma MLAs on Tuesday called on party deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran, 2017 @DonteStallworth @Lakyn_Jones hopefully my video and the tweets that Keaton have been getting brings awareness to bullying and how serious it is in our school system pic. So, accept and respond to criticisms.

but the chats often return to a topic weighing on both their minds: the woeful the state of the Senate and how things might be fixed. What makes it even more unbearable – and kind of Mr Bean-like – is that there are whole bunch of people still inside the shop at the time. The worst hit areas have been Northern Ireland and Scotland. Listeners were able to tell the "real" laughs from the "fake" laughs about 70 percent of the time. It seems like a historical accident that season three competitors LaToya London, Planners forecast that the research center, Some young people dont realize that getting AIDS was a death sentence. State and local taxes are not included in these calculations. with four more berths still up for grabs for next Monday’s draw. read more

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