Zac related issues on Albert answered the Shanghai Dragon Pavilion

asked: the site came right or be K

A: first of all, the search engines do not owe you what. A site is K or drop right, there will be other websites or web page ranking. The search engine is about user experience, rather than the Shanghai dragon.

two, Zac teacher to Shanghai Longfeng and other issues related to the view of

Zac teacher in a television editor, came into contact with the search engine rankings, time is 2002. Compared with the national level teacher began in 2000 ranked in the Alibaba website, Zac teacher or slightly later. I have to admire these two predecessors attitude. A Chinese Shanghai Longfeng knowledge popularization has made outstanding contributions, the other one makes system, all from the common sense with rigorous data speak. read more

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The new tricks included 4 days of perfect map with the truth

tips is actually in love in Shanghai library.

is not easy, please attached link how to practice how thin abdominal stomach |贵族宝贝healthyab贵族宝贝/

love Shanghai search engine upgrade, new collection has become increasingly slow, how to make the new love Shanghai online mixed fast included, there are many, here, Xiao Zhou only shared his personal experience, 100 percent right, dare to say, but there is definitely effect, hope for the novice friends to help and reference.

principle is very simple, the new station should be made quickly, in fact let love Shanghai more attention to your own natural products, a high degree of concern about it, and love all of Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai library is one of the most easily with the chain products, very suitable for our rookie novice friends to operation. read more

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8 important factors that influence the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng bottleneck

what factors will lead to the bottleneck of

theory often is the action of Siwon in action before we tend to have a theory of imagination and the expected effect, when the operation of certain operations, often affected by some theory, think that just as long as this operation, you can see the effect, but after the operation, what are not, this are often too theory of self enrichment, so expectations are too high, which has caused huge deviation in action.

then these factors really hinder us to a higher stage? So natural factors, is the outward diffusion of the origin, if oneself do not have a good mentality quality, where can seriously to find the problem itself, so as to solve the problem, get rid of the bottleneck. The bottleneck from the source itself seems to affect the level of our. read more

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Analysis of the causes of close understanding of the forum by light years light years off two

wrote in the teacher closed due to the first 2 points of light in front, close understanding by analysis of the causes of light-years forum closed light-years (a), the author then said to the reasons for the closure of a little rest and you understand it, after all, the forum also accompanied by the growth of light years too long, this is too deep feelings.


in Shanghai Longfeng environment now impetuous, make their own Shanghai Dragon technology that day, really is not easy, after all, Shanghai Dragon technology is not everyone wants to see now, the depth of the Shanghai Dragon technology are associated with the various test, remember in the light forum, about noble baby GSA, there are a lot of people to download, and then makes a detailed analysis for the index of keywords, and then get the experience, it is a meaningful thing for Shanghai dragon, but with the development of the forum, this has slowly become less, if the light to give us a good point to the case. What about the practice of maintenance should be our own business, while Taobao, light invitation code below read more

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Personal experience summary website how to restore the love of Shanghai feathers

The A large area of 1 )Conclusion:

pulled reason:

for the above several reasons with the Internet they said is completely different, the measures taken is also very simple, as long as the time tested on OK!

2, the frequent replacement of website;

2, updated every day, updated every day not less than 40, but also to human flesh update, do not use. The results you will know, a little hard is worth it.

3, the frequent replacement of title;

During the

3, the appropriate site internal optimization. (this is online for information, the content is too much, a few words that is not clear. read more

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Jill analysis of the causes of stagnation of the blog snapshot

Shanghai dragon must.

From the

4. other auxiliary means.

fine, summed up the following Jill that causes stagnation of blog snapshot, regardless of right or wrong, just want to write for that, of course, also want to have expert advice.

3. update the content of dispersion.

Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, this was not enough to clean the son, to my little Bo, later insisted that

here, Jill also beginners a little advice: just before the blog is fully formed, should not be submitted to the search engine, wait until all the page layout, keywords are defined, and then submitted to a search engine. Perhaps, for the majority of Shanghai Phoenix veteran who has no problem. read more

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Foreign trade marketing a baby search engine optimization techniques

After all, >

generally make a separate foreign trade website time is relatively long, so there are a lot of people is to optimize the use of nobility baby station group technology, station group technology can make the site interaction to form a plastic, so often can achieve good results, but the station group operations team may accidentally make your site is down right, because the baby’s noble love Shanghai is better than intelligent detection. Xiaobian that stand swarm optimization should pay attention to these points: 1.IP not the same address segment, space station group is taking apart multiple regions, IP address must be two parts, choose the space combination of foreign website space and Hongkong, let baby recognize it noble. The two is the site between the link does not pay attention to moderate, because all of the station link pages and links to alternate. 3. for the different contents of different content website, keywords may not be all the same, it is best to different industry keywords. read more

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A teacher in Shanghai Longfeng forum closed light reflection

bless Shanghai dragon forum light-years! Hope to some day in the future open! This article from the eyes in the treatment of myopia in children 贵族宝贝 Lu Shun original, want to respect the results of the work of author, please keep, thank you.

call this webmaster friends, making less waste of the chain, the forum outside the chain do more, will only make your site more dangerous, why now do a lot of Shanghai dragon could not find the direction of the chain, the more fat, website ranking dropped more quickly, the quality is not ah, recommend study of Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking, the chain + simple update time has passed, not to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. We take the site of the analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction, and constantly expand the thinking, there are many ways to promote, not only is Shanghai dragon, there are many other ways of promotion can do. read more

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Entrepreneurs should learn to copy Snapchat from Facebook when necessaryHangzhou expo plast Marketin

Messenger began testing in the third quarter of 2016, similar to the Stories function, in March 2017 officially launched Messenger Day;

2, have certain webmaster relations circle, have personal website priority;

or above position in Hangzhou, have the intention to engage in network work, excellent graduating students may also consider

1. online advertising sales, mainly for the network and e-commerce companies;

intends to contact Miss 0571-89988231 and arrange interview questions, miss

4. loves the Internet, has the enthusiasm for work, and works hard to make progress, can grow up with the company read more

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Analysis of several factors affecting the core value of the website home page

second, the content of the page can not be replaced and correlation. We want to improve the home page for the search engine weight, must be no I have, people have my core idea of fine running through them, the industry’s core focus of information is a concrete manifestation of the full range of shape to the user or the most valuable news and information, and other sites can’t do or not do something to send out for example, for example, related products your company get the authority of the state agencies certificate or your company has been awarded the provincial and municipal leaders visited and what is its title and so on, these reflect the content of the enterprise in the process of construction site authority and attract users concerned. Secondly, correlation factors. The correlation factors of this relatively simple, we’d better classified and published in the relevant sections and list some news with the similar plate or something similar, this process is not only reflected in the relationship between information and page theme is consistent, is also reflected in the site between the columns and columns between pages and pages, further links and the friendship connection between etc.. We are in process planning and construction site will these factors into account, to the point of each site in the station outside the station and in the process of maintenance and optimization of the. read more

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Forum signature in the end there is no use

For example,

web site, simply by the introduction of traffic forum signature as target site is to some local forum, forum or leisure area sends a group of beautiful pictures, with the following text briefly, and then in the end add is "if you want to see more pictures, please click to enter the character signature the words".

, not all signatures are regarded as cheating

forum to promote a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er is to increase the chain for the purpose of quantitative change will cause qualitative change, as long as the site outside the chain to reach a certain number, the weight of the website and ranking will be a qualitative change. This > read more

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Detailed web page optimization in the end how to optimize

(1) on the left is through the spider crawl and content analysis, such as web page layout is not in conformity with the specifications, web content is not new, Google recently launched a new algorithm.

this may be done Shanghai, one of the most concern, the search engine is how to determine a "good or bad? From this chart, we can see, from the analysis of" quality left by three ways to right quality.

3, the search engine is how to judge the quality of the

(click) is a ranking difficulty value map and page keywords in the title distribution value, the y-axis shows the ranking difficulty value, the abscissa value distribution page keywords in the title, it can be seen from the picture, the page keywords in the Title Distribution in perfectly matches on page algo the value of this point, ranking the stronger the ability. read more

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Google mobile search volume in China this year is expected to 10 PC mobile advertising market share

it is understood that in the field of digital advertising, Google is facing the competition of Facebook and Twitter. Currently, Google is expanding services, better coverage of mobile end users. Market research firm eMarketer estimates that this year, Google’s share of the mobile advertising market will be 35%, 38% lower than in 2014. (Aruhan)

Dischler said the new advertising is search tool for cars, car dealerships and mortgage customers, is designed, touch sliding operation that advertising is suitable for intelligent machine, instead of PC on mouse click. Google had been in product, hotels, flights and insurance fields launched a similar advertising tool. read more

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360 advertising alliance application process and a detailed understanding of the tutorial

? The

website was completed, at this time, we will see the launch of the 360 advertising alliance advertising project and what, see the menu, I see, a search box is a management, is a management code, the search box is the personal website built-in search, code is the personal website place the ad code, in order to achieve advertising display effect. Picture:

today we look at 360 ad combat process.

webmaster friends all know, your website or blog, want to hang advertising area, will first advantage choose love Shanghai Union, Google Union, Ali mother Alliance (now Taobao customer), Sogou alliance and so on, in addition to these alliance platform Ali mother alliance, the alliance was divided into other click billing, for the individual webmaster, earn some advertising, is relatively easy, now 360 advertising alliance (i.e. good search advertising) has been officially launched, Illinois network blog also released on-line news "[360] Wangzhuan owners online advertising alliance", but how to apply for? What are the specific process. What are the 360, advertising alliance advertising project read more

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Beautiful said the website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis Beautiful said why do Taobao customers s

Group page. These pages are created by the user, the product inside is the users themselves inside, it allows users to vote, with a strong originality.

Shop page. The classification of different products on Taobao Taobao store, the user can enter the specific selection of other products with Taobao shop shop.

share page total included 99 million, 20% said to the beautiful site to bring flow;

group page contains 6 million 200 thousand to 10%, said the beautiful site bring flow;

Guang page. Different products website classification, classification of all below are on the Guang page, a large number of products for the promotion of the website, the use of unified product classification, the website can prevent confusion. read more

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Cheating Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng site the site of the company you have on the pit

website has been done by the site, space and FTP account permissions is dominated by Internet companies, doing some related operations, no space authority is very troublesome, want to change a little, to send the site personnel to operate multiple several times within a day, the site of the company directly you don’t bird you, because the site renewal space is a one-time full payment. The optimization of the site later, as long as the site can, can be a normal visit, the site will think the site is no problem, but not your optimization is good, ranking can not go up. If you encounter what problem, then called Dad called Niang site do not care about you. read more

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Your site is suitable for user experience

a lot of business customers are gradually aware of the importance of search engine marketing, especially the search engine optimization. However, when the robin on their site to stop when the diagnostic analysis has found that many unreasonable planning for search engine optimization strategy implementation of the layout of the obstacles, such as a large number of the use of FLASH and the dynamic program consciously keen etc..

I am

2: the lack of online interactive

1: ignore the lively

many enterprise website homepage is propaganda FLASH a large enterprise, doing so well? According to the network status at home, such a large FLASH Download all the end of general needs 10 seconds of time, sometimes even needs more time. Robin had some Internet users access to stop some investigation, they can endure "ordinary open time is 8 seconds, of course, if the page information is very important, they will be willing to spend more time waiting for" complete turn. A FLASH download time is equal to or greater than 10 seconds, and the big local visitors. read more

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The railway station is the four elements of the search engine of love

first, the website is not out of some space do not, a new station to get a good weight, the beginning of the web space to the selection, the foundation is the cornerstone, especially for new sites, love Shanghai is not to look at your site, if your site isn’t found open, then the next visit does not know what is the time, after all the new attraction is not so big, not so much the chain to lead spider to climb, when you space to maintain good, but wait for the next spider to visit, this is what we need to consider the factors, to take into account the spider crawling number, a new station, certainly the first crawl frequency is not high, so, we must cherish every opportunity to crawl, stable space is to protect the situation. read more

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The rapid increase in several methods of site outside the chain is very effective

is the first method: this method is suitable for the enterprise station. Enterprise website update website ranking is relatively small, mainly by Links and chain. The chain of this enterprise website to increase recruitment website also is some talent recruitment information website. Someone will ask, if the enterprise does not need to do, this is actually very easy, if the enterprise is not hiring you released the information, when applying for people to call, say people have enough of it. It can be divided into different time different release recruitment information, and stay the same. We know the talent of many sites, and a lot of talent acquisition sites are relatively large talent recruitment information to other sites, so the site outside the chain will increase a lot. read more

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Wangzhuan couple should be far away from the fool psychologyEconomics and website operation extensio

my rich boss, Wangzhuan engaged in nearly 10 years of experience, has been the spirit of "profiteering" principle, low-key to earn their own money, live my own life. As a so-called "old man" on the Internet, I also have a group of my own, and have my own good friends. The boss was rich with them tried another Wangzhuan project, and they have the same rich boss once again cheated. In the end, I can only blame myself for not being good enough…… The execution is not strong, this seems to be the most gorgeous reason all the training students to wangzhuan. You can’t make money. It’s not that I didn’t teach you, but that you didn’t do it well enough. Faced with such a reason, as a student, can only blame themselves and inwardly depressed. read more

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