Star volunteer hotline community do stand difficult in grasping a degree

site: Star volunteer community hotline ( was established in October 2005, it is based on a "Star" game as the theme of the site, most searched the Internet "Star" game of the game player, have heard the name of this website. At present, the star volunteer hotline community website daily expenses by the webmaster "love harmful health individual" investment. The website collects a lot of news, Raiders, and humanities, CG, modification, archiving and other information. read more

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Sharing Chutian station dead and resurrection experience

Chutian station has been established so far, and has gone through 2 seasons of rain and wind. There are laughter, there are also pay. Understand Chutian Adsense station webmaster friends may know, Chutian Adsense station in May last year was Baidu K lost. Web site has not included, the most included when the article is not more than 3000 articles. Among them, I have my own original article, there are also collected articles. From May to May this year, the collection fell to hundreds of pages, leaving only the front page at last. read more

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Sometimes we should give up the traffic

most of the webmaster in doing the station is blind pursuit of traffic, in order to flow, crazy SEO, in fact, this is not in line with the law of the market, do a good job customer conversion rate is the most important!


if I do a website construction garbage station, collected tens of thousands of the amount of data a month, if can bring traffic to 5000IP, not many? For the master, the flow should be said to be very general. But if the IP5000 station, if to run a company. They like the boss to die, why? Because the company’s operations if 100IP can bring a telephone consultation, 10 telephone consultation, will be transformed into a customers, 3~5 customers, are generally a sign, that is to say, if you do IP5000, the equivalent of every day to help the company to recruit a a customer, a customer how much profit? Just 20 thousand intermediary fee calculation, the cost of 1 million, profit five thousand. 300 days, there will be nearly 1 million 500 thousand of the profits, read more

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Summary of training for community operation in Kang Sheng local station

perfect organizational arrangements: far away in Beijing, but can be thousands of miles away in Chengdu to improve the details of various details. From registration, to the venue organization, process organization, process is very perfect. The meeting seemed a little compact, but very reasonable.

appropriate meeting content: itself is actually a Kang Sheng product release training meeting, but with the correct words, became (Kang Sheng official community operations combat special training). The commercial atmosphere was completely shielded and replaced by a full station training. More importantly, from the tight arrangement of time, you can see the content of the enrichment. read more

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Share their summary to the new station drainage method

we know, when the new station just on the line, often no traffic, in addition to their own, almost no other people visit. The webmaster all day view flow statistics, refresh and refresh, can result in a personal visit records, oneself a IP, especially sad reminder


why is this? Because the site just on-line, Baidu, Google and other search engines will not be included temporarily, it will take a long time to review through your web site. Well, this search is not in the time of your website, your website content is better, update again quickly, and no one knows. At this point, we need to import traffic to the site so that others can access our website via our link entrance, that is, drainage. read more

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Why is the average cost of Google keywords higher than Baidu

, what I’m talking about here is Google keyword, referring to the search for this. As we all know, Google Adwords can not refer to the price of competitors, how much money, how much money I have, I call it "blind bid."".

is not the competition among peers in Google Baidu fierce, I do not believe that Google’s starting price higher than Baidu, why Google on average cost higher than Baidu keyword? I analyzed, that in addition to "blind bid", the direct reason is our own. We are all heavy Baidu, light Google, and may not even have special staff responsible for price adjustment. Or listen to Google customer service said, bid high, you can get a good quality of the account; or anyway, consumption is not big, a high price, regardless of it; or price adjustment is troublesome, affect other work, by Google customer care…… As a result, the price difference between the positions may be several dollars. read more

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How to build 20 thousand P movie and TV Forum

people who have read my previous article all know that my forum once reached 2W IP, and many friends asked me how to promote this forum after reading the article. I would like to share my experience with

first: Baidu stick,

I mainly do

forum series, and each part is connected with the baidu series has its own Post Bar, I generally in each episode is about to go out when Post Bar posts, xxx xxx released, fast to download, then add links to this site, you do not underestimate this promotion, I just forum when it was founded, not what IP, Hongkong TVB movie channel broadcast nightly 3 series, I posted three, basically from Baidu. There are thousands of ip. but using this method must bear in mind that not too involved in complex, otherwise it will be subject to a penalty of Baidu read more

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s it right to rely on a suspicious guest for a reward

has become a suspect, is it making us lazier or smarter?

According to the investigation report of the authority of the

network of 70% Internet users rely on search engines, but 40% of them believe that search content is not very practical, if you can get the relevant experts in certain aspects of the help, they are willing to pay the corresponding compensation.

this time, a total of 200 questionnaires were issued, and 195 valid questionnaires were collected, among which 82 were middle school students, 60 were college students and 53 were post-80s employees. read more

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A new experience shared by a SEO Executive

with new people is an essential stage in the career, and if you want to bring new people quickly, and can grow quickly, you need supervisors to be patient and patient. But because the executives have too many things to deal with, it may be easy to ignore the supervision of new people, in this regard, I would like to share my feelings, I hope you can give me more management advice.

as a SEO supervisor, because of the need to handle a lot of things every day, it will be difficult to bring new people into the heart, so we need to have a plan for the work, daily work record certain requirements for the new job, the new haven’t mature stage must take some time check the new work, carefully check the work if there is no attention to the details and to remind, so as to ensure the new work in the future to do more perfect. read more

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Forum signature cooked heavy cooked light SEO indispensable competition for the land

Google recent changes in PR, Baidu’s ranking changes, K station behavior is always changing, these days of changes are still fresh in memory, these changes also illustrate some of the changes in Baidu’s algorithm. For example, recently, the webmaster said his web site keywords overnight removed from Baidu, and now there is no ranking, this let the webmaster are very tangled. This shows that the Baidu switch engine is changing, and here to discuss the importance of BBS signature for the site. read more

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Creative commodity electricity supplier website fun to play a sample of nternet Co withdrawal from

was director of Baidu League before zhou. 08 years, the creation of creative goods, electricity supplier website fun. Get sincere letter and longitude and latitude investment. In 2013, he left Beijing, the company’s headquarters, in Chengdu. As the same evacuation from Beijing to the small town in the south, from the media I am quite interested in asking him a few questions.

Cheng Lingfeng: why do you want to move,


weekly: ask yourself a question, in the next few years, what is the driving force of development? The financing environment of the electricity supplier is not good, we have also been financing. So the driving force of development is not money. read more

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How do the webmaster website account password protection security in the first place

recently, the hottest topic on the Internet is password leaks from several large websites, the most mainstream of which is the most familiar with 3 websites, namely "Tianya", "CSDN" and "mop"". I believe many of my friends have suffered, I was one of the victims, the day has continued on to modify their own registered in a password for each site, when as I write this article, compare himself seriously and commonly used website account password change again, it was reassuring to write this blog. read more

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From the community to become interested in the sea Amoy electricity supplier little red book on what

around the "buy, buy, buy" built communities, relying on the user you say I am a word to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the sea amoy. This not only saves the little red book loyal users, but also let them in the process of transformation of the electricity supplier, it is easier to find high-quality sources of goods and partners.


Getty Images

scouring the sea for this very easy but not reliable. 90, Chen mather recently got a new countermeasure. Compared with the past has been worried fakes or is not worth the product, now she leaned on a mobile phone application called "little red book", have a group to help make decisions "sea Amoy consultants", can directly buy a lot of good goods". read more

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worked hard for a year about the station

after a year of hard work, I finally reached more than 700 on the website IP, and stable in this volume, although the recent Baidu volume decreased slightly, but still a good momentum, every day GG to more than 300 IP, Baidu is estimated to contribute about 200, the only missing is the people immediately to gas. They are all gone, this is not strange, I had the establishment of the principle of too serious, several friends to come and help irrigation, I have been rejected, why? I want my website essence, water paste read more

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How do private hospitals make user experience through data analysis

current user experience for everyone in the private hospital is talked about, so how to do the user experience? Below by loss of taste and we come together to analyze, the private hospital is how to do the user experience through the analysis of the data.

1: analysis of the source of background traffic

webmaster daily work should be the first to enter the website statistics page, see how many IP every day, how many PV it is through what word, is Baidu to more, or Google to more?. I believe these are compulsory webmaster every day, see this is right, but also should see, the best of these data every day recorded in detail, so stick to a few months, you take a look at these data, maybe there will be unexpected harvest oh. read more

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nternet marketing solutions

Website Planning – packaging enterprises beyond competitors

mining advantage analysis opponent advantages to move slow coups victory away

Baidu ranking – to do the domestic market first choice, Baidu ranked

domestic more than 80% of users in the use of Baidu, Baidu rankings equal success, 80% want to become industry leader, Baidu is the preferred

site rankings – let your customers find you exactly

ranking before keywords planning, if keywords are wrong, perhaps most of your peers in your website, all the efforts will be in vain, read more

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Analysis of similarities and differences of news websites of major stations

with the popularization and development of the Internet, the team of webmaster is gradually growing, and the market demand is more and more. In many webmaster news website, there are a few webmaster are recognized to do more successful, the author summed up a few big webmaster information website similarities and differences. Relative to the old webmaster, there may be some layman’s taste, please bear with me.

China stationmaster station

China stationmaster station believes everybody is very familiar, it is the eldest brother of stationmaster information website, daily news is rich, readability is strong. Webmaster here basically can meet the daily industry information needs, original articles are many, the daily recommended articles are very exciting, article title general is very strong. The websites between the same industry will inevitably collect from each other, but the station news will be relatively new and relatively less identical. However, I personally think that the website is a bit messy, messy because web content information too much, too many categories of users forum, easily distracted, especially for the first landing station. Website content information update is relatively slow, perhaps stationmaster station thinks content is fine, not expensive more, do not make too big requirement in quantity. read more

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2008 personal Adsense must use eight free weapons

I did a long time personal website, slowly also gradually realize the truth, that is the personal webmaster generally weak, and those of millions of commercial sites investment can not compete, so need to make full use of free Internet resources to leveraging, this can often achieve a multiplier effect.

leveraging, in addition to often use QQ group and MSN group and post posting in the forum, blog promotion, more important is to should analyze and use some of the Internet an antidote against the disease free tools. Today, I will recommend to you eight free tools of the nature of the site for your reference and learning. Write not good place, but also other personal webmaster please forgive. read more

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Jiujiang human social services into the University Entrepreneurship service zero distance

to the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship to the actual implementation of the majority of colleges and universities, so that college students enjoy entrepreneurship service zero distance". At present, Jiangxi, Jiujiang, the introduction of human services into the effectiveness of further promote the innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students!

is to coordinate public entrepreneurship, innovation for college graduates, to stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, innovative services Agency Bureau of Jiujiang, the integration of employment, social security, small loans, business tax, such as the introduction of talent employment policy, social service platform for colleges and universities in Jiujiang to build "two bases, three channel" function so, universities, graduates are not out of school can enjoy "zero distance" employment service. read more

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From the site’s strongest operating team to see how to operate your independent station

today, let’s analyze the case of the cow. This case touches me very much.

I was in the Facebook operation, see this article, and I feel a lot of points are fit, especially in social, I emphasize leveraging the power, but the premise is that you must have high quality content to form precipitation; users can not to your page, a little open go, you must have something to attract him, here we take a look at this case: is a personal web site established in May 2013, and this site has a very high exposure in some of the technology blogs in the United States, and everyone thinks it’s a small miracle. read more

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