How to Create a Circle Loading Animation in After Effects

first_img2Move the position of the ellipses to -250 then add a repeater. 8To get rid of decimals add an expression to the offset: Math.round(“pickwhip to the offset”) If you have any questions regarding this tutorial or if you have any quick tips for creating loading bars in After Effects, please comment below! 5Move ahead 30 frames and set the copies to 12.  1Create a new composition then create a new shape layer with a white ellipses. 3Set the position of the repeater to 0, rotation to 30 and copies to 12.  4Set a keyframe for the copies to start at 0.  6Set the starting opacity to 0 and the ending opacity to 100 percent.  7Set an offset keyframe every 30 frames that increases by 12.  9Add the same expression to the copies but replace the word “offset” with “copies”. In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a slick loading animation in After Effects.Discover an easy way to create an Apple style loading wheel in After Effects. Your friends will be so impressed!The technique is very simple. The video covers:Using expressions to round up decimalsUsing the a repeater to animate around a circleAdjusting start and endpoint opacitiesWhile not actually functional, this circle loading animation can be cleverly used in your motion graphics.Don’t want to watch the video? Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial below. Click any image for larger view. last_img

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